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TheGoodData is a platform that helps people enjoy the ownership of their data. With user permission, it secures and anonymously trades their internet data using a browser extension. Money earned is reinvested in the company and charities. In exchange customers become the only owners of the company.

Support Network for Free Software

At the moment most people are using proprietary software since this is the default solution which is available with ease. This way they rely on untransparent systems controlled by others. Freie.it makes professional support for buying, setting up and administering computer systems with Free Software accessible. So that even people without extensive technological knowledge can enjoy independence from closed formats and restricting programmes.

The Way out from the World of Complete Silence

Keeping in mind equality we want to achive a project with Auchan Magyarország Kft., Siemens Kft. and Unicredit Bank jointly where they employ hearing impaired people, furthermore we'd work out the methodology together.In addition, we demonstrate and improve their products, services together in order to help hearing impaired people’s life (e.g understanding the operation of hearing aids. With our help these people can integrate to society easier.

Mädchenprojekt Zukunft im Handwerkerinnenhaus Köln e. V.

sorry - there is no translation in english - the original is german „Mädchenprojekt Zukunft“ im Handwerkerinnenhaus Köln e.V. Seit 1999 bietet das Handwerkerinnenhaus Köln e.V. im „Mädchenprojekt Zukunft“ Unterstützung für Mädchen an, deren schulischer Erfolg durch Schulmüdigkeit oder Schulverweigerung bedroht ist.Schulische Misserfolge und Abbrüche gehören zu den Ursachen für viele weitere existenzielle Probleme wie berufliche Perspektivlosigkeit, Abhängigkeit von sozialen Sicherungssystemen oder Armut.



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Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose profits go directly to civil society. Humania.org converts the need to disseminate and archive the activities, projects, reports or files into revenues and resources for any social organization (NGO, foundation or association). In other words, the communication tools of multinationals without intermediaries.


le secteur de la société civile

FOX 'News' has succeeded in creating the huge gap between the rich and the poor by spreading misinformation and fear mongering.

AmericanFoxNews.com seeks to neutralize those negative effects by equalizing the political flow on information.