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MyVoiceGh is a web and SMS application where Ghanaians can create a legislative petition and ask fellow citizens to sign so that the government will consider passing it into a law. People in remote areas where there is no access to internet can access the service through SMS.

Portrait de Irmia Fitriyah

Strengthening Local System in HIV and AIDS Prevention and Treatment Through Community-Based Organizations

This annual survey undertaken by Yayasan Ekspresi Warna (Expression of Color), a male-to-female transgender organization based in Surabaya (Indonesia)  found that there was significant positive impact in HIV prevention and treatment through the works of community-based organizations (CBOs). Waria (an Indonesian term for male-to-female transgender) is one of most at risk populations because most of them are sex workers and sexually active; and most of them are not exposed to health issue.



7° 16' 29.2368" S, 112° 44' 4.7796" E

Corporate Duty (C.D)


Corporate Duty is a tool that connects the state revenue collector and the National Labor Leadership to efficiently converge compliance, reporting, recovery and clearance functions of five state organs involved with statutory deductions, University Education Loans Recovery and Best Labor Practice.

Human Rights and Leadership Based on Culture Values advance Countryside Areas to 2020 Vision

INTRODUCTIONOur task is to foster a network of village leaders who aim to develop accessible solutions to human right challenges, advance it and access to justice through ethical engagement. Village and local leaders had not the chance to attend the school that they use traditional leadership in their everyday journey however the country is moving faster towards development that all systems in leadership could be interchanged to modern assets.



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Politikòs Game


Game multiplayer, multiplataforma - multidisciplinar - educação política. 2 estágios - ações, arranjos do jogo eleitoral, atributos, partidos, tomada de decisões, afazeres para desenvolvimento das democracias participativa e representativa no Brasil. Desafios, Interatividade, Conquista, Emoções...

Bright Future For Afghan Women

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This project focuses on empowering Afghan women to overcome the traditional discrimination, advocating their rights for sustainable education, enriching an academic life for them and finally helping them to be more financially independent in the traditional Afghan community.

Running to Stop the Traffik


There will be tracks built near rural schools in scenic sites.Participants will be sponsored for every mile they run and will be divided into groups for a team relay race.Winner will be the group who raised the most revenue. Throughout the year,the 3 tracks will be used by schools for training youth