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Heart of Travel - Help me continue my mom Joyce's journey and connect those with cancer

During her final years, my mom Joyce saved up enough frequent flyer miles and points for her dream trip to Australia. Unfortunately, she faced a sudden and brief bout with cancer before she could go. The Heart of Travel Foundation ( will continue Joyce’s journey and ensure other cancer patients/survivors get the chance to make their dream trips possible. As part of their travel experience, participants will interact with locals impacted by cancer, exchange ideas, raise cancer awareness, and participate in local events.

Healing Violence through the Power of Dialogue

Sushobha Barve has an uncompromising belief in the healing power of dialogue, even in the tensest places on Earth. Her polished approach to peacekeeping cleverly persuades warring factions to overcome their mistrust and begin the process of reconciliation by engaging in genuine conversation.


Building a Bridge of Empathy

A little girl writes from a Delhi slum,
I am a Hindu; You are a Muslim
I am a champa; You are a chameli
Two flowers of the same color,
But with a different fragrance.

In India where sectarian violence has bitterly divided urban communities, this is the stuff of radical poetry. They write a lot of it at the Ankur after school centers, where amidst poverty and deep distrust, they are quietly and determinedly planting the seeds of peace.  



What REALLY is the basis for this growing momentum across the continents that humanity will enter into a new dimension of enlightened consciousness? Venture to investigate the 2012 prophecies and make CHANGE possible...