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iPunch transforms process of social change into play. It drives youth’s social consciousness by making social good trendy, fun & rewarding.iPunch is a huge departure from the world of preachy, boring, serious & non-rewarding social platforms that ask the youth to “Be the Change”.



Our platform will use mobile and internet technology to address lack of accountability in local governance in India. Our platform aims to highlight departmental faults, trends of public dissatisfaction and facilitate real-time resolutions to local-governance issue.

Heart ofa Champion Africa

le secteur de la société civile

HOC-A is a non-profit organisation that offers a classroom based character development programme for high school students across Southern Africa. Our mission is to encourage the youth to become men and women of character and integrity by giving them a framework for ethical living.

La Cruzada Social

le secteur de la société civile

“La cruzada social” es una estrategia de formación ciudadana para el control y prevención de la corrupción en Barranquilla, que busca  promover la transparencia  al interior de las instituciones de carácter público, promoviendo la retroalimentación de la ciudadania.