Gestion de crise en cas de catastrophe

Wireless Technology for Saving Lives During Deadly Landslides

Dr. Maneesha and her team of scientists designed and developed a wireless sensor network system for real-time monitoring/detection of landslides. The team learned how to build the deep earth probes, where they should be placed on the mountain, how to interpret the data, and how to issue warnings. They deployed the sensors June 2009 embedded 25m deep into the ground so advance warning of an impending landslide became possible, allowing for early evacuation and disaster management. 150 geophysical sensors connected to 20 wireless sensor nodes con



Edapally, Kochi, Kerala
10° 1' 53.3964" N, 76° 18' 3.762" E

Spare Change

le secteur de la société civile

Creating donation vending machines not only brings non-profits and NGOs directly to the public, but allows the citizen sector to take the management of their donations into their own hands. Values would not be pre-set, so if an individual wishes to charge $1.75 for Red Cross, they are able to do so. Economically, this room for flexibility will allow a larger pool of donations to be amassed, benefiting both non-profits and NGOs significantly in the long term.


An approach that helps individuals to deposit waste and become shareholders and acquire rights to invest in any recycling business. Waste becomes an input that enables individuals to become participants on the stock exchange or commodities futures markets.


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FLORENCE es una empresa que brinda soluciones al sistema sanitario Argentino.
Sistema de turnos online, que elimina las largas colas y aquellos problemas que generalmente enfrentan los pacientes.


le secteur de la société civile

Moringo! seeks to answer the question: “How can storytelling be used to empower communities to develop sustainable and scalable tactics to reduce chronic malnutrition and aid dependency, while creating communities of self-reliant social change makers?”