Gestion de crise en cas de catastrophe


Project CURE: Warehouse Streamline

Our goal for this project is to help Project C.U.R.E. maximize it's warehouse space and efficiency by getting rid of unneeded materials that are not going to be used. These items take up valuable space in the warehouse that create clutter and inhibit the ability of the volunteers to create shipments in a timely manner. In order to do so, we need to create a more effective inventory system with time stamps that can establish on average how long an item type stays in the warehouse. In addition to that information we would also seek to see how many of each item are sent out each month.
Portrait de Carly Stiana Scheffer-Sumampouw

LEADER - a language, media and communication center

The original idea is to integrate language course with media comprehension.Our core product is ENGLISH WITH PUBLIC SPEAKING.English for children is focusing on story-telling(the stories will talk about godly characters).Integration occurs when students of LEADER broadcast their voices bilingually through LEADER's radio internet.Radio programs are carrying monthly thematic such as:disaster response awareness,fight corruption,green campaign,against HIV/AIDS stigma,bike to school,and so on.LEADER is not a formal school,rather we work with schools.


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