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How do you make a bright future? You don't,you build bright minds to make it!
A lot of undergraduate students have enough knowledge in engineering but they luck work experien
How many excellent, brilliant and ingenious students that came from a poor social side or live in
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Brace Social Coop acts on supporting caregivers to develop empathic, secure relationships and pos
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NGO BOROUME facilitates the food saving process of the largest supermarket chain in Greece to nea
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If you have underexploited land and thinking of using it for an extra income, if you believe that
Filisia creates accessible music and multimedia interfaces that support the rehabilitation proces
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The goal of the project is to catalyze sustainable development through rewilding in the island gr
Tarik uses a series of online and offline tools to bridge the gap between citizens and government
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Aicha is changing societal perceptions towards unwed mothers throughout Morocco, thereby transfor
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Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi is modernizing the educational system and linking students and graduates
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The project Boron aims to make the access to clean energy easier and satisfy the basic needs of h
GreenLoo provides a public health service: it is a portable dry toilet that targets rural areas t
Indoor air pollution, caused by wood and charcoal smoke, is responsible for respiratory, heart an
"Safa" is a project that aims to build a sustainable activity of production and selling
SEALS platform is a social network where any individual with leadership potential will help youth
The project is about creating Eco & adventure tourism community enterprise in a form of a t
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SOFFA is the Social and Sustainable Factory of Europe for clothing, footwear & accessories wi
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Our solution is moving advanced scientific methods from the lab-bench directly to the crops in or
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YAMAS was founded to empower and support our partners and to reconceptualize the pro