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Explore this collection of the world’s most promising social innovations, submitted from every corner of the globe. These solutions give you insights into where the world is heading in the future.


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Portrait de Catriona Maddocks
Catama Borneo work with indigenous communities to develop contemporary craft designs using tradit
Portrait de Wei Sheng Tey
FoodNinja envision zero food waste environment by providing solutions via different channels to o
Portrait de Amy Blair
The Batik Boutique is a social enterprise that equips vulnerable women with a sustainable income
Portrait de Waldemar Zeiler
What is the problem with condoms?
Portrait de Atiyyah Ameenah Azni
We are environmentalists, offering innovative clean technology to convert efficiently bio-solid w
Now that we are nearing the second half of the year and spent the first half working hard, it may
Portrait de Firdaus Nisha Muhammad Faizal
This is a volunteer program to build edible gardens for urban poor communities.
Portrait de Adrian Lai
An alternative school that aims to develop underserved youths into future Makers, exposing them t
Portrait de Catriona Maddocks
Catama Borneo works with indigenous communities to develop contemporary accessories and interior
Portrait de Chen Pin Lu is created to find and locate the missing children, and bring them back home,
Portrait de Kal Joffres
The NGOs micro reporting app is a mobile Android app built for NGOs to collect data on their grou
Portrait de Jason Pui
I want to form a youth group of empowered youths that dream and take action to create and impact
this program able to let young entrepreneuer to be able to show their idea,and later their ideas
this is a project where we allow everyone to share their unwanted items with others.