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Portrait de José F. González Maya
Conservation corridors are among the best strategies for saving biodiversity and improving human
Portrait de Irina Karpenko
Aim of the project is to research the kingdom of fungi and to find out their vital importance in
Portrait de sumanawatee wijeratna
We promote growing traditional rice free from agrochemicals in Sri Lanka.
Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and wildlife.
Portrait de Kathy Xu
The Dorsal Effect aims to conserve sharks by providing alternative livelihood to exploited shark
Portrait de Bob Wilson
To develop a woodland site as a Centre of Excellence offering weekend training events, 1-day skil
Portrait de Edy Hendras Wahyono
This program prepares young generation environmentally friendly, to understand environmental issu
Portrait de Frances Grabowski
Many estate properties or smaller agricultural zoned properties are not suited to Farming uses bu
Construir reservatórios de água, em pontos estratégicos elevados em altura de acordo com a topogr
Portrait de aditi badam
My project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals & save them from dehydratio
Portrait de Nikos Alexandrakis
Marine park will be a place of recreation of culture but also knowledge, with parallel social off
Bee-Circle turns every single customer into reseller.
Portrait de Michelle Livingston
Our responsible golf tourism company will donate 50% of our profits to anti-poaching efforts in K
Portrait de Rakesh Soud
Sustainable development at local, regional and global scale perhaps is the most difficult task th
Farming for conservation entails a new paradigm: shifting the focus away from protecting the envi