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At HUMANBE, we strongly believe in the power of human imagination, and believe that we can all influence on our future. So, we are therefore committed to see which was the most pressing problems, and it's why we have initiated the project of an ECO-POSITIVE HOUSE. To realize the dream of a building self-sufficient in energy, which can be manufactured at low cost, and with neutral carbon emissions, we design an ECO-POSITIVE HOUSE whose aim is also to resist to natural disaster, demonstrate that we can save our energy as to be able to sell it. This new type of autonomous and ecological construction, is totally flexible and can be installed on all types of land quickly. Dustless and secure, the unit will also be able to be completely dismantled and recycled, to limit its impact on environment

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We arrived at a stage in our evolution where the fittest could no longer exist, because it will create so many environmental and human disasters, that it will probably destroy us.. Our consumption, mainly in construction, transport and industry, emits within the atmosphere more carbon dioxide than we can absorb. But beyond projects like ours, we can take the path of the sustainable development which can meet all human aspirations without damaging the heritage of future generations.

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The goal of our ECO-POSITIVE HOUSE is to realize the dream of building a self-sufficient in energy and water, which can be manufactured at low cost, and with neutral carbon emissions, and able to resist to natural disaster. This concept of HOUSE WITH POSITIVE ENERGY will show, while keeping a modern comfort, that we can save our consumption of energy at the point to be able TO RESELL it. Dustless and secure, the unit will also be able to be completely dismantled and recycled, in order to limit the impact on its environment. We envision even to use it to explain to a group of visitors. It will thus demonstrate that, while keeping a modern comfort, we can save our energy and water as to be able to sell it.. We pass then to a responsible consumer to producer responsible...
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By changing the course of the events and by dreaming together of what will be tomorrow's world, we will give the desire of all humans to become the guardians of our earth...
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After he have taken part during more than 25 years, to the success of many agencies of design, Jacques Macaire meets in 1995, a group of colleagues and friends in Paris to discuss opportunities to put the human at the centre of our concerns...

He then decide to take up the challenge by creating HUMANBE, a non-profit association,, and borrows as a symbol of their new visual identity, the human, thus affirming their reference and their loyalty to mankind.

In their desire to meet the challenges of tomorrow, they began to sketch out many scenarios for changing the world, making HUMANBE, a place able to explore new ideas for the future of our humanity, and promote a more humane vision our world...

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Most of the time, we need from the investors more brainstorming of creativity and human ingenuity to exorcise the curse which we are suffering.. We would hope that finally investors should take risks, even on projects that seem uncertain.. We are convinced of the benefits of such a project, but we should at least be able to build a prototype to validate it...

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The project can evolve very quickly once we have built a prototype and show its resistance to a tornado..

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Participatory input in the development and presentation of the project..

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By the sponsoring

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Conception, Technologie, Droits de propriété, Environnement, Développement urbain, Développement rural.

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The advantage of the type of construction that HUMANBE recommends, lies in the assembly on site of metal sections per screwing. An implementation, simple, fast and without delay of drying. The time of construction is thus reduced by half. A considerable saving of time for the future owners. There is no difficulty in producing this type of project, if it is to find investors able to understand the value of such a project..

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Yes, as a sustainable development consulting.. but now, with anyone in particular...

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