Homestead Food Production (HFP)

Portrait de Debbie Koh

In 2006 in Cambodia, Hellen Keller International began to tailor its successful Homestead Food Production (HFP) programs to meet the special needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. The HFP gardens feature plants that are relatively easy to maintain and don't require hard physical labor, which is critical for people living with HIV/AIDS. The variety of flavors of the nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, eggs and poultry help to increase food intake and to limit weight loss and further deterioration of nutritional status.

HKI provides start-up materials including seeds, seedlings, saplings and chickens to establish garden and poultry systems for year-round production, as well as nutrition education, cooking classes, basic HIV/AIDS education, and training on agricultural and poultry production. Nutrition education sessions use behavior change techniques to educate family members about healthy feeding practices for infants, children, mothers and others including those infected by HIV, and promote the regular consumption of the micronutrient-rich foods. As with all HFP programs, surplus food can be sold for additional household income, which, as HKI found in Cambodia, is a critical support for many PLWHA who may not be working otherwise



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