Ken Banks is a Changemaker: Putting Text Messaging to Good Use

Ken Banks jokingly and lovingly calls SMS technology "software with an attention deficit disorder." He’s referring to Short Message Service – also known as text messaging -- and he knows it’s no joke that SMS can help make social happen quickly, profoundly, and in very hard-to access locations.

He’s bringing his expertise to the collaborative creation of an SMS How To Guide. Join the process or just learn how to put this tool to use to reach your goals.

Changemakers looked to Ken to help reach out to rural farmers and educators in Africa for two recent competitions, Champions of Quality Education in Africa and Cultivating Innovation.

Ken, from tech-for-social-change leader, had developed FrontlineSMS, a free open source software that turns a laptop and a mobile phone into a central communications hub. Once installed, the program enables users to send and receive text messages with large groups of people through mobile phones.

This was exactly what Changemakers needed, and needed quickly. We had a month window to implement it and FrontlineSMS was already developed and tested, so we were able to deploy it almost immediately. The success of those two competitions was extraordinary.

In addition to the group building the SMS How To Guide, you can also find Ken on Changemakers as the founder of the Social Changemkaing with Mobile Phones Group.


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August 11

Where everyone will be get memory IQ develop therapy

SMS/MMS Education Memory IQ Development Therapy/ Eklavya Game Concept


Where everyone will be get memory IQ develop therapy

Without tuitions classes attend even also better affect in rural children’s will be get game with entertainment education continuity when their school teachers are absent or in the event of any natural calamity or in case of lack of proper infrastructural facilities. We have many concepts through our Mobile Content SMS/MMS educating learn (Eklavya) gaming systems to connect better live coordination relation to enrich between student (Concentration) parents (Responsibility) teachers (Trainability) and trustee (observation) 

Dronacharya & Ekalavya

Ekalavya game ( Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems) offers a unique leadership development program which pairs needy children from underprivileged backgrounds in city slums and rural villages with university students and working professionals who act as their mentors, role models and tutors. The care, personal attention and encouragement which the children receive from Ekalavya game  SMS/MMS education learning systems  their mentors, but rarely from their parents and community, helps them realize their potential and take responsibility for their own lives. The personal mastery and leadership program coupled with the experience of mentoring makes the university students into more socially aware leaders. 

Vision Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems (Ekalavya game)

The vision of Ekalavya game SMS/MMS education learning systems Tutoring Mentoring program is to fundamentally transform children from economically weaker sections and develop higher emotional quotient, leadership skills and values of social responsibility among the youth to reduce growing inequities, fulfil human potential and achieve sustainable development. 

Mission Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems (Ekalavya game)

To Enrich and improve sharp memory IQ the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds through a warm and caring relationship with a personal mentor who will support by SMS/MMS education , encourage and build their self-confidence and provide supplementary tutorial help to dramatically increase percentages of high school completion, college education and employment in the organized labour sector.

·         To awaken the sense of social responsibility and leadership of university students, our country's future leaders, by exposing them to some of the most pressing social problems of our country. In the course of their Ekalavya game Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems mentorship work, provide certified training to improve their communication, systems thinking and leadership skills and ultimately their employability.

·         To create One India by integrating the two groups from widely disparate societal and economic back grounds to promote tolerance and understanding through joint activities.

o    Girls enrolment in schools at primary level is 43%

o    Drop outs at primary level is 40%

o    110 million children engaged in child labour in the country

Background and Need

Ekalavya game SMS/MMS education learning systems will affect mentoring at all government schools across the all cities and rural area student/needy children from underprivileged backgrounds in city slums and rural villages. The current proposals builds on our Mobile application through Microsoft product 6.1 as research of and coordinate all communication wireless product land line/pagers/and PDA/Windows Mobile unit with some of the call centres of mobile co. excellence in mentoring.

India, despite its recent economic growth, is a country with 25% of its population living in abject poverty which is driven

 by high levels of girl illiteracy, drop-out rates, and child labour. Statistics that support the need for our work come from a working group report on the development of children in 11th five year plan.

Our experience over the last three years has opened our eyes to the inherent difference in enthusiasm for pursuit of education between children from slums and children from more privileged backgrounds. Children from slums/villages grow up amidst semi-literate parents who disbelieve that schooling will give their children jobs, pressurize girls to quit school to take on low-paying work in un-organized sector to alleviate their financial burdens and look after younger siblings. The natural consequence of such an environment is that the children stop believing that they can succeed in life, lack basic life skills and pick up negative personality traits. This is a sharp contrast to middle class families that support, encourage and push their children to excel in their academic pursuits.

Our experience over the last three years has led us to several observations. Mentors often lack skills to listen and empathize and are often unable to reach out to the children from these under-privileged communities, e.g. patronizing attitudes and prejudices. We identified a dire need to train community mentors in effective listening skills, empathy and make them more socially aware and responsible. 

The Program

Ekalavya game SMS/MMS education learning systems Mentors will (university students and young working professionals) are paired with Mentees to join with ours online 24/7 serve Ekalavya game SMS/MMS education learning systems as part time job/BPO/ call centres employee/ volunteers  and role models, helping them gain greater self-confidence while online Tutors (university students and working professionals) are allotted to every our franchisees  mentors will be get our product and systems solution tool kit batches of every age children’s to help them with studies by conducting special classes in SMS/MMS Maths, Physics, Biology and English each week. Mentees and Mentors are tested for their attitudes and aptitudes. Tutors will be send SMS/MMS screened for their grasp of the subjects they will teach their tutees.

We are under progress for our SMS/MMS education web page application. Game systems will be attached to our lock systems which will affect home cable, mentee /student mobile and other video game, all TV channels that will never active to entertainment on, still mentor /student will have to complete their pending lesson/home work tuitions of both side SMS/MMS question/answer query.

  Nevertheless, it will emerge out as an investment through over dose of movie TV and video gaming hours affecting   culture for children. Youngsters of 21st century giving them adequate/strength and good approach to product the 'global 2010' and 'global 2025' for which all nations are anxious and discussing today.


Our SMS/MMS Education therapy systems will enable prisoner to continue with their education even when they are in prison.


Other employed people like in defence services who couldn’t continue with their education can be benefited. 



(Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems (Ekalavya game)). The tool kit is adapted for the socio political context of these children, hence has a very high chance of success. 


Uniqueness of the Mobile SMS/MMS education learning systems (Ekalavya game)

·     ·         We will be Get recognition from Local Companies for the Mentors’ personal mastery and leadership development program, as this certificate program develops Mentors as socially responsible leaders will be better communication skills, hence improving rapidly their geography  employability

·         Mentees ‘pay back’ through a ‘AntiqueBank’ concept by acting as ambassadors for SMS/MMS education, convincing other parents to send their children to school, not into labour or allow them to drop out.


Expected Outcome and Measurement

On the mentee’s side we plan to measure:

The program these next couple years

Our targets SMS/MMS mentoring and tutoring will linked  in one shelter SMS/MMS education to all government/private school children studying across all government schools in the next couples year of operations. In association with the Govt of education planning of 11th and will run 2011. These children will be attached by our systems with mentors and Tutors. The mentors and tutors will undergo day unique and specialised personal mastery and servant leadership training spread over 4 cycles compiled by some of the best trainers from across the country who form a part of the our SMS/MMS education systems Learning and Development Board while they simultaneously practice with the SMS/MMS leadership tools and leanings to help the children.


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Please send me details about how can I be part of your endeavour and how can I help bring change

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· · We will be Get recognition from Local Companies for the Mentors’ personal mastery and leadership development program, as this certificate program develops Mentors as socially responsible leaders will be better communication skills, hence improving rapidly their geography employability Acer Aspire ES1-512-P9GT