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A Sweet Bridge For African Farmers to Access Demand From Global Markets

At a time when the global food industry is listening to consumer demand by declaring its intention to switch to natural ingredients [Nestle, Unilever, General Mills], when small-holder farmers (SHFs) are subject to volatile global market dynamics and climate change, and when a burgeoning young African population is facing unemployment, NEI is seizing an opportunity to create shared value, sustainably, by deepening its engagement within the communities in which it operates. Read how winning the CSV Prize in 2016 has impacted Juan's business/

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How Yoga has Become a Force for Social Inclusion in Kenya

By Meera Patel, Operations Associate at Ashoka UK. You can follow Meera on Twitter. Keep an eye out for more within this series by following Ashoka UK and Virgin Unite on Twitter, using the #AfricaYouthFwd hashtag. 
On December 30th 2007, President Mwai Kibaki was once again sworn in as President of Kenya, despite the claims to victory of his rival: Raila Odinga.

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