Dani Matielo

Name: Dani Matielo
Organization: Changemakers da Ashoka
Website: http://www.changemakers.com/pt-br
Title: Network Activation Practice Leader
Dani Matielo has been working with strategies for digital inclusion in Brazil since 2001. She has a firm belief in the power of linking (people, groups, communities, networks), in order to promote deep social change. Working for the project Acessa São Paulo, a public initiative for digital inclusion conducted by the Government of São Paulo, she participated in the design and implementation of a strategy involving more than 600 telecentres in a network based in community projects called Rede de Projetos (Projects' Network). Its goal is to foster the effective use of the technology in the telecentres and promote local development. In 2010, when she was coordinating the strategy team for the Program, at Escola do Futuro da USP, Rede de Projetos became the main focus of the governmental Program and has since been replicated in other similar initiatives for digital inclusion around the country. Dani also likes programming and has worked in participatory design social networks projects. She has a degree in Journalism from the University of São Paulo, and is currently pursuing her PhD at the Universitat Oberta da Catalunya, in Spain, in the field of Community Informatics.

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The government in the South of Brazil were among the first ones to have participatory budged.