Karen Davis


Portrait de Karen Davis
Name: Karen Davis
Organization: Manitoba Imagination Library Program
Title: Volunteer
I am a First Nation woman and I believe a positive attitude and kind heart can do wonders in our society. Every one has a story to tell and sometimes we need to meet them where they are to hear and respect their story. Most people want a good life for themselves and their families (and i am not talking about money but obviously helps). I try and pay it forward it some small way everyday of my life....smiles, compliments, hugs are free....we need to empower each other to intiatiate change and believe that all children should start their day with a dream with their pocket!!!!! I love working with preschoolers and their caregivers in our First Nation communities. Those little people have so much to offer and we need to step up to the plate to ensure our they are cared for, nurtured, encouraged and start school with the best possible skills to achieve huge success in their education. Also providing supports to the families/caregivers as well so they are fully aware the important role they play regarding their child's "first teacher" and how important it is to support their children through the school system. I want to replicate the "Imagination Library" program in all our First Nation communities in Manitoba to ensure our preschoolers have access to these important resources and families are more aware of the important role family literacy plays. For most of my career I have worked with Aboriginal organizations in a variety of roles. The main focus on parenting and early childhood development. I was very involved in the creation of a Family Resource Centre for families in a community to ensure they many needs were addressed. I believe in reaching out to offer a hand up to our families who need assistance. In the last few years, I have spent many hours volunteering with a wonderful Literacy Program that provides free books for children. I truly believe that in all the dollars being spent to "fix" our problems in society if we would only provide more support to parents as they deal with all types of issues. I try my best to create change where possible and think outside the box. I have been blessed to work with many families as they deal with their daily lives and organizations that try their best to make a difference in these lives. Currently I am assisting in creating a Parent Support Group for our Aboriginal Youth in our community to ensure they are supported while they strive for their academic success.

Challenge Entries

Je cherche à reproduire le merveilleux programme « Bibliothèque de l'imagination » dans toutes les communautés des Premières Nations au Manitoba. C'est l'objectif que je me suis fixé il y a trois ans. Ce programme offre des livres neufs présélectionnés à tous les enfants d'une communauté. J'ai prévu que les livres seront livrés directement dans leur boîte à lettres chaque mois. Cela signifie que plus de 11 000 enfants recevront ces ressources stimulantes sans que leurs familles aient à débourser un centime !

It is my quest to replicate the wonderful "Imagination Library" program to all First Nation communities in Manitoba, a goal that I set three years ago.This program provides brand new, pre-selected books to each and every child in a community. The books would be delivered right to their mailbox, each and every month. That means over 11,000 children will receive these exciting resources and there is absolutely no costs to families! Communities do need to find sponsors, community champions to replicate the program.