Kelly Lovell


Portrait de Kelly Lovell
Name: Kelly Lovell
Title: Youth Motivational Figure & CEO, The Kelly Effect
An ambitious young woman on a path to empower greatness in others, and inspire young people to change the world. Unsatisfied with just chasing dreams, Kelly Lovell is creating legacies of united communities and humanitarian achievements across the globe. Kelly understands first hand that the key to changing lives is to first give back. Under her company The Kelly Effect, she has developed an array of ambitious, yet extremely fruitful nonprofit projects fostering youth engagement and leadership development across Canada. From fundraising to build schools in Africa, to mobilizing volunteerism projects and serving as a National Youth Delegate on political platforms, Kelly is committed to building pathways for youth to find an action plan of positivity free from pre-conceptions, and limitations of society. Kelly Lovell measures her success by each heart inspired and every community touched. She believes individual potential is limitless and dedicates her efforts in empowering greatness in others; spreading her enduring passion in a ripple effect of positive change. Her working motto: “Everyone is born great. It’s a simple matter of channeling one’s passion to enable them to shine”, clearly emanates in everything she does. Kelly is one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, an Ontario Provincial Change the World Youth Ambassador, and a recipient of the QEII Diamond Jubilee medal. She is currently completing dual Bachelor degrees with honors in Biomedical Science and Business Administration at Western University in London, Ontario. Suffice to say, this tenacious young woman and global leader of change is just getting started.

Challenge Entries

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