Magatte Camara


Portrait de Magatte Camara
Name: Magatte Camara
Organization: Non-profit Organization
Title: Help the Street Children (HSC) / Aider les Enfants de la Rue
We have founded HSC because we want to change the life that street children are living in Senegal by helping them getting Education, Heath-care and wellness. We organize events like donations: soap, clothes, books, detergent. We also organize free vaccination day where street children get get both free consultation and drugs. We make time to time some entertainments for them like sports tournament and games.

Challenge Entries

I want to create a place where street children can have a bath. And where street children can wash their clothes too. It will be a laundry services.

août 21, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Droits de l'homme, Soins de la santé , Education, Travail social

Opening Network is a non-profit organisation that deals with the lack of opportunity of the street children. It will implement a voice response so that people will be involved in addressing this issue and it will connect all the organizations that are working in the same field.