Ndèye Absa Gningue


Portrait de Ndèye Absa Gningue
Name: Ndèye Absa Gningue
Organization: JEADER - Jeunes Entrepreneurs Africains oeuvrant pour le Développement Economique Régional
Title: Founder
Absa is the Software Group Marketing Leader of IBM for North and West Africa. She stands as the only female of the team in Senegal and covers more than 20 countries. In 2014, she decided to launch an association, meant to drive african youth into entrepreneurship, with a particular focus in francophone countries. It is called J.E.A.D.E.R. – www.iamajeader.com (Young African Entrepreneurs working for Regional Economic Development). It’s a think tank which aims to teach to kids (starting the age of 8) what Leadership is about. The organization supports for free young entrepreneurs once they have bought a member card. Recently assigned as a Global Young Ambassador for the NGO « World at School », Absa is also a business woman since 2011, where she launched her « ABC-Aduuna Bul Comprendre » promoting African fashion in the world. She is convinced than textile is one of key industries in Africa. She defended the project while being part of the Washington Fellowship of President Barack Obama, in order to represent Senegal and strongly believes that “beside the age and the gender, the most important thing is to execute with excellence!”.

Challenge Entries

Africa's main challenge is about uplifting Africans by encouraging a change in mindset. A FREE - CAN - DO attitude to inspire by fostering a dynamic generation. But it all starts with childhood, a mix of wisdom and knowledge starting from school. That's why we created JEADER - to train and inspire!

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