Future Forward: Youth Innovations for Employment in Africa - ChangemakerX Event


What if “the problem” of youth could be radically flipped?

Youth in Africa are stuck in narratives that frame them as either makers or breakers or as vandals or vanguards. They are more likely to be discussed as problems to be solved and a generation not yet ready for the responsibilities of adulthood. Social innovators are redefining the story of Africa's youth: creating new norms in which every youth thrives and is trusted to lead. They are adopting approaches that do not begin with the assumption that youth are “problems”, but rather how they can and should be leaders in creating solutions for themselves, and their communities.

Join Ashoka and the MasterCard Foundation for a day long event bringing together youth, youth-serving organizations, policy-makers, potential funders and the media to celebrate and share solutions to livelihoods and leadership for youth in Africa.

The event will include:

Launch of the Youth Unstuck Innovation Guide

Future Forward will be celebrating the launch of the Innovation Guide that outlines the barriers and opportunities to transforming livelihoods and leadership in Africa based on your work. We will be inviting Fellows and members of the Ashoka network to give short story-based talks throughout the day that will be livestreamed to our Future Forward network around the continent and the world.

Problem-Solving Workshops

Based on the themes in the innovation guide, we want to give space for youth-serving organizations and leaders to get practical on the how-tos of addressing the challenges youth face in Africa. What have we seen work? What hasn’t worked? We will use these problem solving sessions to build an addition to the Innovation Guide that highlights the practical lessons we’ve learnt in bringing these ideas to reality.

Scaling and Collaboration Roundtables

Realizing this new vision for youth in Africa will take effective collaboration across sectors and the funding to back it. Over the course of the day, we will bring together experts (practitioners, policymakers, academics, funding partners and youth themselves) to discuss ways in which solutions to youth livelihoods gain traction and can be scaled through funding partnerships and the buy-in by the decision makers in African government. We recognize that the way forward is to ensure that we can work together. 

Please email Katie Turner at [email protected] with any questions or if you would like to find ways to get involved.