Changemakers: Accelerating the Rate at Which Social Innovations Scale-Up

What is Changemakers?

Ashoka Changemakers ( is an online community that connects people with a passion for a better world with those who are making a lasting difference in their communities. Our more than 40 online competitions attract groundbreaking organizations, social entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, media, community organizers, and fans who want to be part of our collaborative process of finding solutions to community concerns.

What we do.

The Changemakers platform focuses on building and mobilizing networks, connecting them through our online community, and using the online competitions as a concrete tool to produce impact and create market transparency. Our impact has focused on accelerating the sourcing speed of innovations, enabling collaboration, seeding funding that goes directly to innovations, and the growth of our community.

Sourcing speed –
The Changemakers collaborative competition has helped funding and investing organizations accelerate their rate of sourcing innovations by as much as 86 percent.

Funding to innovators –
Changemakers has seeded more than $40 million in funding directly to social innovators.

Online community – The Changemakers online community includes more than 10,000 innovations from the competitions from more than 125 countries and more than 90,000 members.

Changemakers drives: innovation, social impact and sustainability. Learn more . . .