Slovenia wine tours

Slovenia wine tours

Menges, Slovenia
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We have started developing wine tours in 2008. We have seen such a big potential in Slovenian wine. Tradition of wine producing in Slovenia is more than 2000 years old. Our primary goal while designing new tours was to bring together local people and tourists who are eager to meet the culture of the country they visit.

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Introduce Slovenian wine culture and binding local people and tourists together.

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We have started developing wine tours in 2008. We have seen such a big potential in Slovenian wine. Tradition of wine producing in Slovenia is more than 2000 years old. Our primary goal while designing new tours was to bring together local people and tourists who are eager to meet the culture of the country they visit.

Explain in detail why your approach is innovative

Our tours have being created for more than a year. All parts of the tours are precisely chosen and were designed with the help of renowned Slovenian sommelier. Tours are not merely sightseeing, but also educational. Tourists meet local people through getting known wines and pleasant strolling through vineyards and meadows.

Describe the degree of success you have had to date. How do you measure, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the impact on sustainability or enhancement of local culture, environment, heritage, or aesthetics? How has it transformed or contributed to the power of place or demonstrated the sustainability of tourism? How does your approach minimize negative impacts?

We are still at the beginning, but as we can see major enthusiasm from the tourists who have take part in the tours, local people who can introduce local culture to others, other hotels representatives who shows great interest in these unique tours, wine producers who like their wines offered to the tourists and this is a big reward for all of us, for all, who have been part of the creating the products.

In what ways are local residents actively involved in your work, including participation and community input? How has the community responded to or benefited from your approach?

Our tours take tourists to unique and not so touristic places. We provide them unforgotten memories. Our main goal is showing them real Slovenian culture, real Slovenian people. Locals involved in our tours are eager to share their culture with others.

How does your program promote traveler enthusiasm, satisfaction, and engagement with the locale?

Till now all tourists attending our tours have been enthusiastic about meeting locals. They have been charmed by Slovenian way of life, surprised about quality of Slovenian wines and amazed by the nature that Slovenia posses. Slovenia bedazzles everyone and our tours emphasize traveller's experience.

Describe how your work helps travelers and local residents better understand the value of the area's cultural and natural heritage, and educates them on local environmental issues.

By showing real Slovenian culture and untouched nature tourists become aware of importance of keeping the nature this way. While listening the stories of the locals and feeling their love to the vines and grapes, they become more respective to their work. We want to teach tourists how much care needs to be taken for a glass of noble wines and we would like them to understand how important is preserving nature and this is the only way the nature will give something good back to us. We want to encourage locals to share their love for nature with tourists and only mutual cooperation will cause symbiosis of both.

How is your initiative currently financed? If available, provide information on your finances and organization that could help others. Please list: Annual budget, annual revenue generated, size of part-time, full-time and volunteer staff.

We don't have any sponsors to support our tours.

Is your initiative financially and organizationally sustainable? If not, what is required to make it so? Is there a potential demand for your innovation?

Yes, we can say we have achieved financial and organizational sustainability. Tourism in Slovenia is growing every year, and demand for innovative and experiential tours exists. We are more than happy to show interested tourists something unique.

What are the main barriers you encounter in managing, implementing, or replicating your innovation? What barriers keep your program from having greater impact?

We could say the main barrier is that Slovenia is still quite unknown, often mixed with another country and for many people doesn't exist on world's map. But everyone who finds our beautiful country is stunned.

What is your plan to expand or further develop your approach? Please indicate where/how you would like to grow or enhance your innovation, or have others do so.

We want to design more unique travel tours in Slovenia. We plan to promote our country more. All trends in tourism show growing demand for experience, people are not merely sightseers but want to experience new things, as well. And with our tours they can

The Story
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For us every single individual is valuable and treated properly. We are small travel agency, therefore with benefits to be very flexible, more reliable and responsible for our customers. We don't want to be average. We love to do our job and we have created tours we would definitely take as a tourists in foreign country.

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Tomaz, Mojca and the team of Spin Travel. We are proud to support responsible tourism in our destination Slovenia, in order to preserve its unblemished beauty and pristine environment. When people come to Slovenia, they are amazed when they see how the local people live, so connected with nature and distinctively opened towards everyone. There is so much potential in Slovenia, and we believe with our innovative passion and sustainable practice that we can introduce visitors to the true Slovenia, while also supporting the local culture and preserving the environment.

Describe some unique tourist experiences that your approach provides. Be specific; give illustrative examples.

Our tourists meet highly regarded Slovenian wine producers in persons. We take them to private homes, where they can chat with locals. Our programs are focused on selling authenticity of Slovenia - local people shows what is real. Tourists who join our tours can eat together with the locals, eat home made food, meet real local people, taste freshly prepared food, learn how to use clay and make their own souvenir, how to shear sheep, explore Eastern part of Slovenia, as well, which is beautiful but less renowned by tourists.

What types of partnerships or professional development would be most beneficial in spreading your innovation?

Collaboration with Slovenian wine producers
collaboration with Slovenian tourist board and creating mutual benefits for all involved parties.