Jelita Text Message, Empowering Women Villager Through Words Via Text Message and Village Community

Jelita Text Message, Empowering Women Villager Through Words Via Text Message and Village Community

Mojokerto, IndonesiaSurabaya, Indonesia
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Jelita Text Message, Empowering Women Villager to alleviate them from poverty forum community.

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unequal development in my country led to a complex problem. villagers even don't know government program to get access to better education, health care and lack of awareness in political issues, environmental issues and especially equality issues for women. I would like to give a simple example why this is become a complex problem in our rural community. let's imagine a girl/woman living in a rural, she's not going to school because her parents can't afford school fee for her, then at her 16 she got married, at 17 she got her very first baby and growing every year. she doesn't have any skill to help her husband afford their family needs, they falling into poverty. And what next is, her children become as poor as she is. And what next is, her grandchild might as poor as she is.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

we try to deliver information such as government programme for developing rural communities, political issues, environmental issues, increasing girls and women increasing awareness of the importance of education, marriage at young age, gender equality so girls and women can get their rights in education and dreams. we spread the optimism of the girls and women. our solution consist of 3 stage : 1. Jelita Text Message, text message is the easiest way to spread the words and information to communicate our perspective of goals through this movement. even in the rural community, the poor one, they have a mobile phone. all the girls and women will be listed and get our daily Jelita text messages. 2. Jelita Forum Community, we also try to communicate goals and issues through our monthly meeting, every meeting will be schedule with talkshow, workshop, ICT training. 3. Jelita Magazine, produce media to publish Jelita's activity, maximizing to spread the words and also attract donators.
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Jelita text messages is our primary way to spread the information and the awareness of education and issues with girls and women in rural community. once they know, twice they read, thrice they start to believe and care. that's why we'll send them daily Jelita Text message with various talk active issues. Jelita text messages will be supported with our monthly forum to increase their understanding of the topic issues. forum will be held and organize in their community and we will bring talk active and inspirational speakers for talkshow,ICT training to boost their technological skill and workshop. we are really concern with their progress, so we also support them with mentor who will act as their peer learner. our main part ( Jelita Text Message and forum) will be supported with Jelita magazine. the magazine will publish all of our activity, resuming recent talkable issues, our progressive community and this is one of our ultimate way to engage mor donators and sponsor to support our movement and make Jelita Community into sustainable and progressive community. our model are so simple to understand. even though their mindset won't be changed easily, but we are focused on our primary part to be their very first friendly technology informer in their own mobile phone, Jelita community will become their very first amazing experience in learning technology, issues, mindset and socialize with friendly peer learners, inspirational speakers. And all I believe, the impact will be truly amazing to improve their awareness in education, reaching dreams, technology matters and etc

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this initiates will be run by Nadia Sanggra foundation as the main organizer and try to engage with thousand volunteer, thousand trained learner as the mentor and thousand inspirational speakers in their field. we also try to engage with PKK (family welfare education) in rural.

Founding Story

before I initiate this project, i've been working in Surabaya Goes to School as a project manager. The impact was so unbelievable, we really could bring children back to school and shining them with the ray of hope. It really change my mind. Now they know that reaching their dreams and leaving poverty are possible. it comes as a bold result for me, educating girls creates many positive outcomes like delaying early marriage. that's why im struggle to bring every access for a better life and words of optimism to the undeveloped villages.
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Nadia Sanggra Foundation
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Nadia Sanggra

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Nadia Sanggra Foundation

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, JI, Surabaya

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, JI, Mojokerto

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Less than a year

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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

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Access, Cost.

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Access to technology, Access to education/training.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

this project is going to be launch. before we initiate it, we held some workhsop and training activity in rural community. what we know is we can count the number and their excitement in every workhsop and training. they are really great in learning something new. now, we offer a sustainable project to be support by this competition, so we can support the community and make a bigger impact.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

our goals in next 3 years is reaching most undeveloped villages to penetrate the movement and words. Become the most impactfull community in java to increase girls and women (in rural) optimism and awareness for education, technology and health care to improve their quality of life.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

women in rural communities used to live in their house to do housekeeping and nothing to do with their live beside that. that's like a fate for them. their common behave would become our great barriers. but we are goint to come and communicate our goals in a friendly way. we have peer learner so they wouldn't feel shame to learn new things and discuss new issues. they also will try to learn technology by themselve through workshop and training with experts. gather with their own friends (because participant of Jelita Community will come from 1 village) so they will feel really comfort to learn a lot of new things in Jelita Community.

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engage with the rural community to support the goals of Jelita Community with same vision and mission.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

open recruitment for volunteer , trained learner and listed all the speaker who want to engage with Jelita Community

Task 2

listed all the participants of girls and women to get our daily Jelita Text Message and join our monthly forum.

Task 3

establish the community and doing fundraising through Jelita Magazine. review our progressive 6 months project.

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giving birth to some new changemakers from the community, those girls and women-changemakers- will attract community to change.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

reaching our new born changemakers from the community and have 100 participants in Jelita Community in 1 pilot location

Task 2

giving them access to suitabe technology to support the activity of our community, such as notebook.

Task 3

there are exact number of girls or women who delaying marriage in young age, going to school and get better job

Tell us about your partnerships

this initiate have not partnered with anyone.
my current project Surabaya Goes to School having partner with some NGO in Indonesia such as Ashoka Indonesia.
I have a plan to ask their support for Jelita Community as soon as possible.

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