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Owino Internet is a social network facility aimed at providing affordable internet connection to the Rural and Urban women for as cheap as possible to help them boost their household savings.

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The Internet has become a basic human right in addition to FOOD Shelter and Clothes but many Internet Providers do not put this in consideration when stipulating their prices. maternity costs in many medical facilities are still abnormally high yet women need to communicate with those who can help them via internet that is expensive. many girls who fail to make it to the class room due to one reason or the other cant even access the internet to research because its so costly for students. Even when some companies make offers, not everyone gets to know about them because they are busy trying to make ends meet, hence they continue paying high costs for Internet.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To lobby in all media houses for affordable internet and provide it on our OWINO MARKET page. To buy second hand Internet Modems from those who have better connection opportunities and provide them for purchase for as cheap as possible. To provide FREE internet DATA BUNDLES to pregnant women using some of the profits got from the normal sales. To lobby on twitter and other social networking sites for any investor that can develop the concept of OWINO INTERNET to become a HOT SPOT.
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For example One telecom company in Uganda that provides Internet is called Orange, it charges $ 10 for 500MB of Data, but there is another company AIRTEL UGANDA that has a promotional product where it delivers 1.5GB of DATA to those who are aware of the promotion , at the price of $ 1 in installments of 500MB per month. This is the one that I highlight for Internet users to purchase and use meaningfully, hence saving a lot of funds for other basic needs of Food, Shelter and Clothes, including Medicine. Since its a big bundle for a fairly high fee, I incur the costs of activation, transport and advertising and charge $ 10 which would buy 500MB but instead give 1.5GB and use the profits to cover operational costs as well as giving FREE bundles of 1.5GB to the PREGNANT women who have medical evidence.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

My peers are many University Students, Business persons, families and young people alike. Each week I connect over 10 people from various categories of life and they still want something more. I keep track of their addresses and contacts such that in future I update them with a text message if I come up with any new innovation. My competitors are the Large telecom companies that make adjustments in their offers and throw us off the market because we are not fully independent. If we were not parasites we would create a bigger impact in the society. Our success relies on what offers these telecom companies bring forward. If the offers are not Good then our goal is dead. This is why i have not stopped lobbying for an investor or financier to come up and boost our dream plan.

Founding Story

Tushabe Henry's girl friend Treasure was finding it hard to meet daily internet costs and when he built pressure on his boyfriend (me) we decided to look into the matter by establishing a social platform where people can access affordable internet IDEAS from a social networking site. As such I had to take the initiative to look at any possible offers from any Telecom companies and make them available to other people who may also be in our shoes. This further developed into a small business which is mainly manned by women who sell the DATA BUNDLES in our outlets. None of them now goes without Lunch.
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, MUK, Kampala

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, MUK, Kampala

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Less than a year

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Basically Owino Internet is an Idea that was conceived early this year and was put in practice to provide affordable internet to rural and urban women and other Minorities. It hasnt received awards yet but we are looking around for a boost with publicity to enhance all forth coming hopes and dreams.

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How long have you been in operation?

Operating for less than a year

Which of the following best describes the barrier(s) your innovation addresses? Choose up to two

Cost, Equity.

Social Impact
What solution(s) does your initiative address to better the lives of girls and women by leveraging technology? (select all applicable)

Access to technology, Access to education/training, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

By providing affordable Internet, we have triggered further research and economic activities. Many ladies sell our sim cards and earn 1 dollar per sim card which is 2400/= and worth a meal in Uganda. The ladies also have an opportunity to use our sim card internet data bundle and as such save the $ 10 and more that they would spend on expensive Data bundles. In addition to this, they are able to get access to communication and information affordable and divert their recurrent expenditure focus to health and development than high cost internet bundles. For the Free connection to Pregnant ladies, then they can save some money to cater for their medical and maternity issues, and as such prepare for their unborn baby.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

In the next 1-3 years I see Owino Internet growing to become a larger domestic name in as far as Internet is concerned. I am still lobying for an investor to boost its activities by helping set up an Internet Hot Spot in Kampala city where all those who cant afford the Telecom charges can use this media of communication. Kampala city has so many schools and this Hot spot could boost education and enhance girl child education by indirectly cutting down costs of communication. We must remember that girls or ladies actually have much more needs than Men. When costs of living go up, women are much more vulnerable to evil traps and other compromise that endanger their lives. We must put this in the spotlight of all our activities. When women have easy access to social facilities, men are happy.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The Major barrier are that we have not found an investor to transform us into a Hot Spot and as such independent of the Telecom offers that we rely on. If the Telecom costs are high, we have less to offer the communities. However, we have not sat down, every day we are on twitter and other social networking sites, lobbying for any investor to boost us either by transforming us into a Hot spot, or a self reliant Internet Service Provider by donating modems to the poor women that they pay for in installments by using our network. We as such plan to overcome them by raising our antennas higher for any opportunities that may come up rhyming with our interests and goals.

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve and track growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact
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Task 1

Building awareness for OWINO INTERNET such that many more women and other people come to learn about it

Task 2

Making OWINO INTERNET National and not just in the city, by opening up outlets all over the country where there is electricity.

Task 3

Continue to loby for an investor to brand us further by building our dream of a HOT SPOT in Kampala City

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone
Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

Acquiring affordable Media Publicity

Task 2

Expansion to cover all areas in need

Task 3

Incorporating OWINO INTERNET in every household and also cuting down costs further to meet the growing demand.

Tell us about your partnerships

Like I said, OWINO INTERNET is not self reliant, it basically relies on any available offers of INTERNET PROMOTION offers from the large telecom companies. When these offers are not there, we are dead. This is why we need someone to rescue us by making us independent via establishing a HOT SPOT that we control our selves.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

Its a lot of work and i like it. Well in as far as Investment is concerned, this is what I have mentioned over and over again that If we got an investor to boost our activities, it would work as a pedestal to setting up a HOTSPOT for the rural and urban poor alike, of which women are always the largest population. Regarding Pro-bono, we would love to have it registered and legal.