Portal Red Turismo Local diseñado y administrado por mujeres rurales de Camatagua, Venezuela

Portal Red Turismo Local diseñado y administrado por mujeres rurales de Camatagua, Venezuela

Camatagua, VenezuelaCaracas, Venezuela
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Our organization is a professional women group engaged for 20 years in social projects and technical assistance related to health, education, environment, and youth and women emporwement in local area


Founding Story

The importance of this project is to allow rural women in an integrated local network to lead a techonological process of marketing to rural tourism within the country in a more wild market orientation, to be part of the small domestic market as well to spread the big market at the international level for new areas or rural sustainable tourism en the world
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Task 1

Recruitment of women to be involved in the training process, organization and execution

Task 2

Searching and registration of the potential small and medium enterprises

Task 3

Preparation, definition and design of the portal, as well as administrative operation

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Development of comunication, publishing and customers plan to introduce the product

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Management of the Portal and marketing process

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Monitoring, evaluation and analisis of results to introduce changes and lessons learn

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