Adopte un árbol

Adopte un árbol: Adopte un árbol para salvar un rió

Neiva, ColombiaNeiva, Colombia
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for profit
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
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Adopt a tree is an environmental game that aims to make people of all ages truly engage with the recovery of the planet and adopt trees with the sole purpose of saving rivers that are dying in different regions of Latin-America and this way ensures the availability of water for thousands of people.

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What would happen with the effects of climate change, if thanks to this project, each of the inhabitants of a city adopts a tree?
About Project

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Global warming is affecting us, and Latin American countries that have major water reserves are not alien to this. Serious factors including high temperatures, rapid and indiscriminate deforestation, lack of water in and others show the constant deterioration. This requires us awareness and positive actions to restore environmental balance. This video game is a great playful and technological tool that will allow us to help to achieve this goal

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Adopt a tree is a video game for mobile devices that is intended to be a fun and interactive tool that promotes preventive and corrective actions on various fronts of the environmental problem we are experiencing: - We seek to create an environmental education in all persons regardless of their age, geographical location or social status. - We want everyone to adopt a tree and that mitigate the impact of global warming. - The trees we adopt and plant in our different reforestation campaigns is only intended to save rivers and generate more water.


Winner of the Crea Digital 2015 awards given by the Colombia Government to the best cultural, environmental and educational digital content.
Impact: How does it Work

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The dwellers of the city Las Aguas relied on the municipality to solve problems such as health, routes and public services. The city only had one river to supply its 500,000 dwellers for water, farmers were slowly clearing the basin, entrepreneurs were drawing its sand, stones and even gold from its shores, and the river began to dry. When the city ran out of water, they blamed the municipality, but just issuing a decree it failed to sprout water from the river. A dweller took the initiative, raising awareness in farmers who stopped deforesting the basin, entrepreneurs from exploiting minerals, and all the dwellers of Las Aguas, began to plant many trees and take care of them. Soon, the water returned in abundance to peasants and city-wide.

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The city of Neiva has more than 500,000 inhabitants, and has only one water source that supplies water to the entire city. As a result of the indiscriminate felling of trees, poor agricultural practices and the effects of climate change, the flow of the River in the last 5 years has diminished by 30% threatening with its total drought. Although the State entities have executed projects, they have not been effective. Through the video game we aim to raise environmental awareness, achieving children, youth, adults, businesses and entities to adopt trees to reforest the basin of the River, which Bosques Vivos Foundation will plant and care for 5 years, until they are self-sustainable. Until today we have achieved that the Foundation enters in a gratuitous loan agreement with the Municipality for the grounds of the basin that will be operated with the planting of trees.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

It is a comprehensive strategy for joining efforts among state institutions, entrepreneurs, education sectors, media and the community. The video game is a tool that allows to create environmental awareness. Employers adopting trees will profit from tax spurs, the foundation, to plant and care for trees people from demobilized armed groups will be hired after negotiations being conducted between the Colombian Government and the FARC guerrillas in Cuba. It is a project that links all social actors and seeks to solve a problem affecting all everyone in the city, namely, the scarcity of water

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It intends that each person who adopts a tree, donates the yearly sum of US $6 for 5 years to the foundation, time a tree needs to reach maturity so that employers adopt many trees during that time. This will give important financial resources, accessing tax profits such as redeeming 30% from taxes. With those resources and other funds managed by the foundation and the prize of this call, we will guarantee the financial sustainability.

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The municipality of Neiva and the Corporación Autonoma Regional del Huila are the most involved entities in this problem, but their management has only reached the plantation of many trees and their management for a maximum length of 1 year. The trees have died and the problem continues. The essential difference with these initiatives is that ours entails raising environmental awareness in all the inhabitants of the city, and also achieving financial contributions, and the project to run for 5 years, which ensures that the trees will be care to adulthood, effectively tackling the problem

Founding Story

I live in the city of Neiva and I myself have seen the accelerated flow diminish on the Ceibas River. When asking other inhabitants of the city on this situation they show lack of awareness and education about the importance of caring for nature. On the other hand, you can see high level of penetration which technology has had on Neiva residents and according to local and international statistics, video games are the most downloaded applications across the network. Combining all of the above we got great idea of creating a video game whose purpose is the creation of awareness and environmental education through activities that enable the reforestation of the Ceibas River.


Miguel Antonio López Gutiérrez, Lawyer, with 13 years of professional experience, specialist in management of services of health and student of a Master's Degree in environmental management and engineering, is the Executive Director of the environmental and technological Foundation "Bosques Vivos", living forests, the author organization of the project "Adopt a tree" and Jorge Armando Arenas Perdomo, electronic and oil engineer, with 10 years of professional experience , Legal representative of the company Expansion TI S.A.S, aimed at the design and development of hardware and software, automation and control of industrial processes. Both lead the environmental project "Adopt a tree" which is intended, from the private sector and community participation, to recover, through comprehensive reforestation, the Ceibas River basin, only tributary that supplies water to the city of Neiva Huila - Colombia, through the video game that bears the same name, and earned the prize "Creates Digital 2015" delivered by the Ministries of Culture and Technologies of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) delivered last October 2015.
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Clean Water and Sanitation, Climate Action.

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We develop "Notas Plus" academic management software that has benefited hundreds of children in educational institutions in southern Colombia.

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The municipality of Neiva and the Corporación Autonoma Regional del Huila are the most involved entities in this problem.