Afterschool Center for Career Development

Afterschool Center for Career Development : What if young people are prepared to graduate?

Calabar, NigeriaCalabar,Ado- Ekiti, Ogbomosho, Nigeria
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Afterschool Centre for Career Development (ACCD) provides demand -driven work preparedness training and job placement for young people while in schools helping them have planned graduation and smooth transitions from school to work.(work in our definition is paid employment or entrepreneurship)

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What if young people are empowered with workplace skills and labour market ready upon their graduation?
About Project

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Nigeria has a population of 177 million people; over 60% of this population are young people and our tertiary institutions graduates a total of 1.8 million young people on a a year basis into a country whose youth unemployment rate is averaging at 24%. One of the core reasons for this staggering figures is because Nigerian graduates are not employable and young people in Nigeria do not have planned transition from schools into the labour market.

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The Afterschool Center for Career Development (ACCD) prepares young people to graduate by providing them workplace training and tools they need to enter and be retained at the workplace. The programme enrolls and trains undergraduates for increasing their skills base and chances at securing an employment long before they enter the workforce. The program employs a structured curriculum and unconventional ways for young people to improve their decision making ability about their career,build the requisite skills required through volunteer,internship as well as job placement opportunities. ACCD is currently working with stakeholders across Africa to shape the School- to -Work transitional agenda for young people in the Continent.


Moremi Fellowship(selected amongst 25 young emerging female leaders), Commonwealth Fellowship (Selected amongst 20 young women globally in celebration of 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II,Ashoka Fellowship, Advisory Pannelist on Queens Young Leaders
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Juliet was a young lady introduced to me by a Board member of the Afterschool Centre for Career Development.His referral was sparked by his deep sadness over the plight of this lady.She graduated from university in 2006 was has been searching for a job the past 7 years until last year when ACCD took up intervention with her. The story of Juliet is similar to alot of Nigerian graduates. At Afterschool we take on undergraduates and provide work preparedness training for them,providing them with workplace skills they require before they graduate from the school.Our intervention also provides them with internship where they have their first work experience,we also provide entrepreneurship training for those interested in starting businesses.

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The main impact of Afterschool Centre for Career Development's intervention has generated has been in raising the career consciousness of young people.Young people here are laid back and are also unemployable event at the graduate level.Through our trainings and value linkages 60% of the young people that came through our programme especially the Workplace Training for Undergraduates and the Pre-tertiary programme for secondary school leavers achieve significant amount of progress some have began their businesses while others have gotten placements and retainership at the firms they were interning with. Our projected impact is that this number will double

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

At Afterschool centre for Career development we believe in not only providing direct services to young people but as well as mobilizing other stakeholders to working with us on the solutions.In the next 5-10 year we desire to increase access of young people to career development information,tools and services in Africa by 70%. We also intend to push for national change at the National Universities Commission for the creation and strengthening of career centres in Nigeria.We also intend to further undergraduate recruitment by public and private firms in Nigeria/Africa.

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Our financial sustainability plan is to begin recruitment services and marketing this to companies while raising financial base for our sustainability.We are also introducing a pay it forward system where our alumni will dedicate a portion of their salary for the first one year of their employment or enrollment in business to support our work.

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There are other organisations addressing the issues of unemployment in Nigeria and most firms are concentrated on graduate employment and at that level most graduates do not have the requisite job experience as required by most employers. Our approach is that we provide undergraduates with workplace training and opportunities to build the experience and social capital they need to secure employment after graduation.

Founding Story

Through the Girl's Power Initiative, Esther was able to build her self confidence and graduate from secondary school, becoming the first female in her paternal lineage to do so. While in the University,Esther held many fulfilling jobs, such as a peer counselor for the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, and the National and West African leader for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. However, Esther recognized that most of her peers did not have the same clarity on their career goals and were struggling to find employment. Esther became determined to shift youth culture in Nigeria so that young people should prepare to graduate living a life "by design, not default"


Board of Trustees - Mrs Lucy Kanu - Mrs. Bimpe Ayo-Elias - Mr. Adeyinka Akanni - Ms. Hadiza Ibrahim - Mrs Aja Enun - Mrs Yemi Adamolekun - Mr. Ansa Henshaw - Ms Rumbidiazi Sithole - Mrs. Funmi Onajide - Ms Esther Eshiet We also (5) full time staff,(9) Faculty Members and an Intern: Our team has a 120 years cumulative experience with practitioners in Social Work, Education Development, Health, Legal, Finance ,Marketing,Strategy and Media backgrounds. i. Faculty lead ii. Programmes & Partnerships Manager iii. Programmes Officer iv. iii. Administrative/Finance Officer v. Operations Intern We are a horizontal organisation and have a task based team,constantly the team competence is being improved on a regular basis as we take on different task and projects.Because we are also a knowledge based organisation we constantly improving our human resources through sending them on regular training.
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A mentor

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Founder/Faculty Lead

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Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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I own a makeup studio in Calabar and we provide makeup services for clients i began the business with $100 but now the worth of the business is at $9,190

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We are working with the Ministry of Education in Cross River State but we want to take that relationship national with the recent appointment of Ministers in our country.
We are also working with the University of Calabar and other Public and private organisations across the country.