Alternative heating for all type of houses

Alternative heating for all type of houses

Slavičín, Czech RepublicCzech Republic
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$1,000 - $10,000
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This study deals with the heating system using the exothermic reaction, which is applicable to heating of all types of buildings. This unit covers all needs of the buildings either in the form of a heat exchanger station or of a boiler.

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What if NaOH is the new renewable gasoline.
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Clean energy production. Production of energy in remote locations. Renewable energy.

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My project focuses on the production of clean energy for houses and prefabricated houses. It is also suitable for energy supply in remote areas: the cottage, scientific polar station etc. System is based on exothermic reactions, which produce heat. Using thermocouple it also produce electricity.


Project won in local scientist competition.
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From facebook site: SNPTM - semináře a letní školy SOČ

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Affordable and Clean Energy.

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