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Quito, EcuadorSyria
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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A crowdfounding but only for projects of social help, where you can donate money to organizations through Facebook with a single click

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What if we can help people to help people easily
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People who want to help , without money. People who have money and do not know how to help.

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A system as crowdfounding , where people can help with money , through Facebook, with a single click


None yet
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Imagine what would happen if everyone supports everyone . All certified organizations may have resources to help while either from a computer could change the world with a click. We could be as big and boundless force that could attack several problems at once

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Finish the minimum viable product, start with the lean startup . Seek strategic partners as media, etc.

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For every dollar that we help pass from the giver , to the helper, we charge 3 cents .

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Some seek funds to organizations through crowdfounding , but is little known and difficult to use for the givers .

Founding Story

I come from a poor family , I could study with the effort of my Mother. Today I am a writer, emprededor and spend my time building teen leaders to change the world's injustices .


Famel Vasquez. director - evangelist - Graphic Designer - Programmer Diego Castro Programmer Services Denyce Castro investor lawyer
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No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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Then I come back from my studies outside of Ecuador, on my return I saw as the company had a great absence of leadership, in almost all levels: business, politics, family, social, etc. , At the beginning I only complained of the lack of leadership, but I realized that I was becoming part of the problem so I decided to be part of the solution. It was very difficult to change the mentality of adults that were formed with patterns of behavior with a mentality of under leadership. Then, with a partner we decided to start the first leadership teenager school of Ecuador, where every week came several students to learn about leadership, but attracted by the opportunity to learn music (that was our "bait") and so the student received one hour of class on foundations of leadership, which were applied in monthly activities that we did when they went to the practical.
Today several of these students are leaders in their environments, for example: one of them became one of the 7 best secondary students Ecuador, another start an organization to rescue animals, with only 16 years old, another is radio announcer with only 17 years old, etc.
Several went off from family problems, and today are building their targets to achieve dreams that seemed impossible. In two years of the program to serve more than 300 families.
Hand in hand with this training program for teenage leaders I also wrote two books about leadership that should overcome a major problem: Ecuador does not have a culture of reading too much developed, and if we were going to develope leaders, we needed to create such a culture to be able to give growth to the leaders in question. The answer to this problem came from my profession in Marketing, and I decided to create two products that are of easy consumption, eye-catching and with the sufficient content. For this is my first book entitled "How to conquer to Shakira", where it presents very short chapters of reading, with topics appealing to the reader, for easy understanding and reading, and it is with great remembrance. Example: The title speaks to conquer that achievement, which seems impossible (as it should be possible to conquer Shakira) but with a leadership developed the person could achieve this goal economic, social, professional, etc, that both were looking for.
I believe that we are the generation that can make a serious change in the world, but we need to be prepared for great challenges.
We need leaders who are willing to fight for their ideals, goals and dreams, overcoming their limits and problems, and in that way become inspiration for the entire generation.
I want to be part of those leaders.

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We spoke with ex- director of Twitter for Latin America, Mattew Carpenter.