An Electric Amphibious Flood Faring Vehicle

An Electric Amphibious Flood Faring Vehicle: the first of its kind, a climate mitigation transport

Pasig City, PhilippinesMalabon, Philippines
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for profit
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$1 million - $5 million
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Climate change results in torrential & erratic rains, excessive flooding instantly disabling thoroughfares.
the H2O Salamander is an electric amphibious flood utility vehicle, it is able to travel in land and even in urban flood waters.

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What if you have a vehicle that can bring you & family safe home even during floodings and help save lives in flood prone areas?
About Project

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Climate and Transport represent two of the most social, environmental and economic challenge today. Transport - contributes to the majority of our world’s carbon footprint; And because of Climate change, the Philippines experiences progressive environmental impact of floodings. Typhoon Kalmaegi has caused rapid increase in flood levels in the span of a short time compared to Typhoon Ketsana, this is an alarming indicator of what is to come.

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Climate change results in torrential and erratic rains, instantly disabling thoroughfares thru excessive floodings. This vehicle can help you safely home because it is able to travel even in urban flood waters. This can even be use for disaster relief operations, and emergency search and rescue as first responder vehicle. And since this is an electric vehicle it is also addressing the global effort in environmental impact of air pollution causes by fossil fuel dependent vehicles;


We have been honored to be featured in various local & int'l media channels such as CNN, Rappler, Reuters, etc.
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As an Emergency & Rescue operations - Salamander can be use as a first responder in rescue & relief operations in flood prone areas affected. As a Daily Utility vehicle - an affordable daily commuter vehicle that is environment friendly and modern, and when floodings can be use as a vehicle. For Traffic Decongestion, this vehicle can utilize the Rivers, Lagoons, Lakes, & the likes as an alternative highway to transport point a to point b, creation of ramps will be necessary; For Leisure & recreation, this vehicle when modified into water jets, can be use by Hotels & Resorts and short inter islands & shore line travels;

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The media related exposure has brought various Interest from Local & National Govt. especially to the Flood prone areas. Other markets such as Private individuals, private flood prone areas such as subdivisions, villages & associations have also expressed its interest. Where there is no future long term infrastructure, this type of flood faring vehicle shall be a necessity for travels especially for flood prone cities, & countries where erratic rains are relevant due to climate change.

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Due to the relevance of climate change and torrential rains that affects various places all over the world, even in the Philippines, it is our vision to develop an alternative mode of transport that is stylish & modern that are environment friendly, cost effective and even fuel efficient and at the same time adopting to the times especially those areas that are affected by floodings where infrastructures are not available.

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we are seeking for strategic investor we have initial talks with the Land Bank of the Philippines for Loan support and even help us market to Local Govt Units affected by floodings License to assemble outside Philippines such as US for Brazil & Central Amazon America market & Lagos Nigeria & African market.

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Long Term Flood Solutions - Public Engagement ... - The project is focused on the Red River Basin in a specific place, the Salamander is a vehicle and could be widely spread in affected areas; Tiny-Eco-Float-House on Haida Gwaii - This is a flood proof house good for shelter, the Salamander is an alternative Transport that can bring you anywhere in Land or flood waters and even in short inter island or shore line travels.

Founding Story

H2O Technologies Phils. Inc. is an innovation and technology company. We see the need to resolve the issue on Climate -floodings and environment. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) thru Mr. Sohail Hasne, has challenged us to come up with a solution for flood prone areas specifically in Navotas for an amphibious electric trike . After more than 24 months of R&D, testings and development, we have come up with our first six passenger trike – the Salamander.


H2O Technologies was formed by a group of concerned individuals who were concerned with the impact of pollution and had seen first-hand the impact that pollution had on countries throughout Asia. As a result, the team built the first innovation which is now being used - "Hydroplus" a Hydrogen blending technology used in the Petrol model of SALAMANDER. The system increases fuel efficiency whilst reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%. From there, H2O Tech has moved on to other projects and never looked back since. This is a Filipino owned and Filipino run company with all the innovations nurtured and built right here in Metro Manila.
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Co-Founder and Marketing Director

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Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action.

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is a FIRST responder Multi-purpose vehicle with a patented boat roof system
is the first indoor interactive play exhibit in the country located at Century City Mall. Kids and kids at heart can engage with emerging creative media technologies and innovative artistic experiences from UK, Canada, Netherlands and the Philippines.
was established in 2005 to provide innovative marketing solutions here in the Philippines. CCI is committed to becoming the country's leader in the sourcing and distribution of innovative marketing mediums from around the world.

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MR. Tovia Va'aelua
Business Group Lead - Microsoft Office Division at Microsoft Philippines Inc

Steven Coleman
- Managing Director at Bluewater Development International
Fifteen years of experience in executive & partnership management, business development & sales. Possesses valuable combination of entrepreneurial spirit and practical business sense. Decisive, action oriented leader with creative problem solving skills.