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A & A Farms Ltd.: Guinea fowl! an alternative poultry system for sustainable development

Tamale, GhanaTamale, Ghana
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$10,000 - $50,000
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A & A Farms is a social enterprise that identifies peasant guinea fowl farmers, train them, provide them with structure, day old chicks, feeds, items, and strict supervision to help them raise these birds to maturity. We buy the remaining birds at minimal price and resell the finished product.

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What if commercial guinea fowl farming is used to improve the lives of people in the Northern region of Ghana
About Project

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Farmers: The northern region is known for guinea fowl farming and yet the people here are poor. This is because most of these farmers are peasant farmers and thats because they do not have the requisite skills and funds to go into commercial farming of these birds. Malnutrition is also high in the region. Consumer: They do not get their demands satisfied and even when they do its not always on time.Finished products are very expensive.

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Outgrower farmers will be outsourced, these farmers will be given training, provided with resources(no cash) and strict suppervision to go into commercial farming of guinea fowls. When birds are matured, we pay the farmers per number of birds remaining at minimum price for processing, packaging, marketing and selling. We all get profit. The farmers can then decide whether to start their own farm with monies paid to them or continue with us but in some cases we decide depending on the farmer's performance. Custumers will be supplied any quantity upon request because the farming is designed in way so that we have large quantity of matured birds every month without a break. At the end its a win-win situation for all involved.


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Most farmers in the northern part of Ghana are into village poultry keeping. The 2009 National Poultry census shows that the proportion of village chickens, local guinea fowl, excluding layers, broilers and cocks was highest in the Upper East (16.21 %), Upper West (3.97 %) and Northern (40.02 %) regions . These are considered as the three poorest regions in the country but through the production of these local poultry species (particularly guinea fowls) they generate income for family needs, provide protein in their diets as a means of improving livelihoods in rural areas. Most of these people are not trained so just imagine if they are given support, trained and supervised.

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As part of our marketing strategies and to guarantee farmers with ready market, we have been able to secure 25 customers in the northern region alone and still getting more to the extent that now the demand is more than our supply. We have also identified 6 farmers to start with and each farmer will be given 1000 birds to start but bare in mind, each farmer starts in a particular month, which is a strategy so we have matured birds every month. We aspire to put about 300 farmers and retailers into full time, sustainable, profitable employment in the next 4 years.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Major contribution and government initiatives have been put in place to enhance the production of guinea fowl in the northern zones of Ghana and there is a government initiative to export guinea fowl products. In the next 5 to 10 years we want to be the number one global and customers’ choice for guinea fowl products and leading exporters in Ghana and Africa. This will improve the life of many farmers, their families, reduce unemployment, alleviate poverty, provide manure for crop farmers, and provide food and sustainable developing in the nation as a whole.

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A & A Farms is a social enterprise and very keen on sustainability. Our products are easily marketable, demand very high and supply very low in the region. Income from the sales of products in the first year will be used to finance the second year and it continues in that manner but income will be based on accumulation of income so as to have enough funds to support other farmers.

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SADA is the only government institution in Ghana trying to alleviate poverty through guinea fowl production. This institution does the rearing of the birds and sell them to consumers and market women. Our project is different because we seek to assist peasant farmers with training, support and supervision. Moreover we use the outgrower approach and also buy from themas well. We then go through processing and packaging of these birds to make it ready to use product to our consumers and market women.

Founding Story

Guinea fowl is the most popular bird in the northern sector of Ghana as turkey is in America. We realized rearing of guinea fowl is a potential alternate poultry system and has numerous benefits. It also has nutritional qualities that make it a worthwhile addition to the diet. So we ask ourselves why we can’t have guinea fowl products as we have other poultry products in Ghana since guinea fowl is healthier and nutritious compare to other poultry products. On the other hand we saw that all the farmers in this sector are peasant farmers and do not make enough money to take care of their family needs. We decided to provide solution and help farmers in this sector.


Afedo Anthony is a BSc Business administration with accounting option degree holder and having the opportunity to work with his father on a poultry farm for fourteen years is a co-founder and is the manager. Tijani Ayishetu is also a BSc computer science degree holder and a fellow of study of the United State Institute for student leaders on social entrepreneurship. she is a co- founder and the head of marketing and distribution Madam Anastasia is the veterinary officer. We have 3 permanent workers and 2 other ocassional workers. We also have a 5 member board that help in decision making. The board is made up of the two co-founders, The Northern Regional Chairman of Ghana National Association of poultry farmers, Mr. Lordson, A business consultant from Zepic, Mr. Seth and a Senior Veterinary officer of MOFA, Mrs. Anastasia.
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Through Facebook from SUSI

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Co-Founder and Head of marketing and distribution

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No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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Tijani Ayishetu has served as former National Union of Ghana Student (NUGS) local president of UDS Navrongo. Under her leadership, the NUGS UDS Navrongo educational fund was established to support needy students in the school. NUGS Excellent Awards was also established to Award hard working students and staff of the school, hence motivating others to also do so.
She is a fellow of the Study of the United States Institute for student leaders on social entrepreneurship (SUSI) and also founder of Center for Information Technology kintampo. Life has not been easy but i believe the world will be a better place if each and every one contributes to its development.

Beyond your existing team, who else are you working with to achieve your objectives, eg partners, advisors, mentors?

Beyond our team we are working with FINGAP. We are also working with 4 Agric consultants, Mr. Awal the lead consultant, an Agriclecturer from University for Development Studies. We also have Ghana National Association of poultry farmers working with us.

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