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This is a device provides solution to a house of four members living in a territory which has no source or power to cook or light, specially the area where it is very difficult to put up en electric line or water or thermal source to generate energy.

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what if a device provided a solution to a family living in a jungle to cook their food and light source in just by keeping it out in sunlight for 8 hours in a daylight.
About Project

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This device is solution for people living in a region where it is impossible to transmit the power for light and cooking. People use conventional resources like wood , coal, cowd-ung to cook food and light. which leads to cutting trees and harmful to human body as it generates smoke and fumes. Also Kids can not study after dark due to lack of electricity or interrupted power supply due to geographic, social and political reasons.

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The inspiration from nature is a sunflower and (Helianthus) and sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica). The top head, which is equipped with solar panel, rotates according to the sun movement and all the panels shrink in the night like sensitive plant and the outer surface of the solar panels acts as a light source.This device has expandable solar panels on top, which can go up to height of 6 to 8 feet. Same solar panels will be brought down manually (to save energy) and the facing four surfaces will be equipped with low energy consuming light source(LED or similar).Another application would be cooking as this device will have an induction cooking plate at the bottom.


The Bionik-3D-Printing challenge, Germany
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there are products available which provides lighting solution and cooking solutions separately. My device given both the facilities ( cooking and light) in one unit itself. This is a mobile device which has solar panel on top with telescopic arm which will take the panels at the height of 6 feet. after securing sufficient energy during day time the solar panels will be shrink like an evening flower and other surface or panel will glow and provide lighting. at the bottom a convection cooking unit will come out and provide cooking ability for three hours, which is sufficient for a family of four.

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Solar is most sustainable energy source , which no one can deny it. Solar power has been generated by using different devices and it is globally appreciated. The only issue i am adressign here is to cater a need of people who lives in really remote places like deserts of Africa or India where it is not possible to provide any energy source. Thus they are forces to use the natural resources to meet the basic requirements like food and light. This one device has an ability to cater both the needs to the needy people. This device will eliminate the use of wood and natural coal which will be directly beneficial to the nature. The light source will boost the children to study in dark hours without any hassle. While cooking with coal and wood , woman inhale lots of smoke and fumes which results in diseases like asthma and breathing issues.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The next proposed stage shall be a research on battery back up, as I am indenting to make it a mobile like battery device which can be replaces once it is full or empty and extra back up can be stored in emergency. Once the battery part is worked out I would like to focus on working prototyping using 3D printing process and test it at the interior parts or Rajasthan. After successfully running it I would like to approach government to extend their support providing this unit at low cost to the poor and needy people of the country.

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I have also won award at Innonatives.com this year. But unfortunately I do not see any funding support provided by them so far. hence,currently I am supporting this project from my personal savings only. I am hoping for some support from my organisation (www.iitgn.ac.in) for the technical help and I am very sure that I will being up a best solution by utilising IIT's technical expertise.

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In Satellite Town, Nigeria Mini Grids for rural electrification Providing distributed and metered clean energy to rural communities is carried out by Umezulora Chukwudi. This idea provides a solution in grid to a small village, but still distribution and specialised skills for maintenance will be an issue. But my idea does not required any specialised maitenence and it is a complete one family solution which does not required specialized transmission system.

Founding Story

This idea was in my mind since long. Hence, IIT-Gandhinagar provided me an encouragement to work upon it and fortunately worn an award at Bionics award at The Bionik-3D-Printing challenge, Germany, which boosted me wo work more in this area.


Franklin Kristi, Founder is a full time employee of Indian Institute of Technology. I have a mechanical engineering background with 09 years of experience working with National Institute of Design, India. Rutva Mecwan, Co-founder is a Phd candidate in literature and helping me with the research part on socio-econimical front of this product.
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Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action.

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