Fundación TICNNOVA

Fundación TICNNOVA: ICT´s for peace and development

Bogotá, ColombiaBogotá, Colombia
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$250,000 - $500,000
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TICNNOVA is an NGO that develops alliances, strategies, social inclusion and citizen participation projects to improve the life quality of the vulnerable people through innovation, training, technology and teaching methodologies specially designed to this population groups in Colombia and Mexico.

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What if vulnerable popolation could use the ICT´s for their social and economic benefit as you?
About Project

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According to UN 57 per cent of the world’s people remain offline and unable to take advantage of the enormous economic and social benefits the Internet can offer. This digital divide in the digital era is not just about technology and internet use is the limitation of be part of the world and to aspire to a new jobs, to be competitive, to have the opportunities as many of us of use the ICT´s to open new ways to work, educate and communicate

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A new environment to work, to teach how to use technology and job skills specially designed for vulnerable populations with not previous access to the technology or knowledge of it use. After Teaching vulnerable people how to use technology and skills to get a job we noticed that the ways to teach them must be different in order to be effective so we create Cyberfacil which is a new simulator of an operating system that is easier to use and allows new ICT´s users to create text documents, navigate on internet or even send an email in 3 hours of using our software. Cyberfacil is empowering vulnerable groups to use technology to open new ways to educate, work and communicate.


Finalist of BBVA Open Talent 2013 and 3rd place in SiIlicon Wasi 2014
Impact: How does it Work

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We are not teaching how to use ICT´S to say that we are making digital citizens. Our goal is to give them tools and knowledge that allow them to improve their economic reality. So we have developed an ICT´S skills for jobs based program and we try to make alliances with NGO´s, private entities and government in order to could offer job opportunities to the program beneficiaries. Examples: Mexico: We have trained more than 350 women that have suffered familiar violence in ICT´s skills for job and we made that 15% of them improve their labor income or get a better job. Colombia: We are creating ICT´S for peace that is an employment and training program for displaced people based on ICT´S training.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

We have trained more than 1,000 persons in Mexico and Colombia with the objective of connecting the ICT´s training with economic growth opportunities. With our specially designed technology and methodology the people with less than thirty hours of using ICT´S developed community projects, entrepreneur projects and personal development projects enabeling them to improve their life quality. Population attended: Women that have suffered family violence, violently displaced people, elderly people and rural people Subject taught: Digital skills for employment and self-employment, financial, saving skills, community and productive project development skills, human rights and citizen participation skills. Indirect impact: More than 1,000 persons that majorly are children from the beneficiaries of our programs. Is also important to say the 50% of them are the householders.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Our strategy to create a scalable technology for work to vulnerable groups and a training methodology to integrate them to the economic growth is to focus on a specific vulnerable group which are victims of violence and an articulated program called ICT´s for Peace that is an employment and training program for violently displaced people and women that suffer familiar violence, based on ICT´S training seminars and skills for work that is try to approach open collaboration, open social innovation and the commitment of the actors working to improve the life quality of vulnerable population.

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ICT´s for peace have a strong rename partner and both institutions will seek for public and private resources to the Program, also our major experience is integrating violently affected people. This program is a good opportunity because all kind of entities in Colombia are interested to invest in the construction of peace and we want to create a support network. Our major customers are National Government and socially responsible companies.

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Many institutions are working with violently affected people in Colombia but there are more than 6 million violently displaced people in this country and there is no initiative to unite separate efforts and take advantage of the ICT´ to could integrate economically the violently displaced people. They are initiatives to build peace with children and young, with art, to digitalize young and children and to reduce the digital gap. But there is no clear investment retribution, our proposed investment retribution is economic impact for the beneficiaries with a model that could give them work.

Founding Story

At the university I discover that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I meet the book the Art of start. And I adopted the idea to create a business to make meaning and I decided that mine it was to change the world. But Why with ICT´s? Because after taught to my mom, uncles and grandfather I thought that many people in the world should have that problem and with all the advances of technology I was convinced that technology could be taught by technology. So I created Cyberfácil and today after 3 years living from creating digital citizens I had learn that what really matters is the relation between economic growth and ICT´s Training. So this will be my new way to change the world.


Full Time CEO and Founder: Oscar Pulido Investor and Mentor: Fabian Corredor
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Founder and Public Relations Leader

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No Poverty, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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Since my 18 years old I detected a new trend of biodegradable plastic bags in little stores in Mexico city and during a period of 3 years I made 800 dollars monthly selling this bags to many stores in different locations of Mexico City. Then I got a work at General Electric and I abandoned this entrepreneurship. During the time I was working and studying I decided to specialize myself in entrepreneurship and I started to create Cyberfacil but again I abandoned it. And after work for more than 2 years I decided to stop to giving up to my entrepreneurships and I quit my job and since that day until today I dedicate 100% of my time to my NGO´s.

Beyond your existing team, who else are you working with to achieve your objectives, eg partners, advisors, mentors?

We have created many alliances to strength our work with different kind of institutions and companies associations.