The Green Girls

The Green Girls: Smart Green Girl

Kitale, KenyaKitale, Kenya
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Smart Green girl is a 4 member young rural women venture using adopted modified high tunnel (green house) tomato farming. The idea is wealth creation to the unemployed rural women through affordable and manageable smart farming. use modern technology to encourage young women to farming for wealth.

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" What if all women went green for wealth"
About Project

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The county population 818,757: 407,172 male & 411,585 female, (2009, census), growth rate 3.6 % projected 2015 population 1,016,161. Empowering young women population is inevitable. Poor climatic condition, Low absorption of modern technology, negative perception of agriculture with a national average farmer age at 60 years, effects of 2007/2008 post election violence and unemployment among rural women. The county’s 52% poverty index .

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Trans Nzoia population structure is skewed to favor youths aged 20 -29 years with 42% of total population, the county has a “youth bulge” in economy. Agriculture accounts for 24% of Kenya GDP ksh.350 Billions. Provides 70% means of livelihood in the rural population, supports 18% informal and 60% informal employments. It accounts for 65% of total exports. Agriculture is Kenya’s vision 2030 main driver of the country’s economy due to its central importance and contribution to the national GDP. Horticulture contributes 39% of exports and 33% to the national GDP Smart green girls expects to transform into a modern, innovative & commercially oriented venture that contributes to poverty eradication & improve economic status and livelihood.


Impact: How does it Work

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Smart green girl was founded by Lucy Nyambura and conceptualize by three other women. Driven by the low living standard and poor income. Green house tomato farming is the affordable and manageable agriculture venture that would help realize an alternative source of income and wealth creation through smart farming. The green house sits on a 240 meter square acre, hold 600 tomato plants. The plant takes 60 days to mature, each crop upon maturity and good management can be harvested for up to 12 months each crop giving 60kg. It is not an all time engaging activity for the member yet guarantees optimum per piece output and quality yield. Use of group implementing model helps enhance social accountability and ownership.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Year 1 Projected Gross Margin Analysis Frist 6 months: Output (kg): 7,000 Avaerage Farm gate Price (USD/kg): 0.40 Gorss Revenue (USD/240m): 2800.00 Total cost of production (USD.): 2663.50 Gross Margin (USD): 136.50 Next 6 months projected gross margin. Output (kg): 3,000 Avaerage Farm gate Price (USD/kg): 0.40 Gorss Revenue (USD/240m): 2100.00 Total cost of production (USD.): 422.00 Gross Margin (USD): 778.00 The aim is to have additional 2 groups of 4 members annually to expand on the operation base and regional presence while involving more women in to the farming for economic gains and job creation for the rural population. Projection is to have pilot model project in all the 5 constituencies. Currently the project has completed the first 6 months and break even point with a net profit of USD136.5 and recovered the start-up cost.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The main strategy is collaborating with the constituency member of parliament through the constituency development fund for potential group identification and financial partnership. The pilot is in Saboti constituency and entry to the other 4 constituencies annually will provide for presence in all the constituencies in the next 5 years. Negotiation for possible partnership with VegPro and Kenya Fresh, major horticulture export companies through farm Africa. Trans Nzoia youth policy under way is to influence the government allocate funds for youth farming, to encourage youth farming.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Year one Initial cost of production USD.3085.50: Gross Revenue USD/240m square USD. 4,000.00 gross margin USD.914.50 Projected Year 2 gross Margin. Total cost of production USD.985.50 Gross Revenue USD/240m square USD. 4,000.00 gross margin USD.3014.50 expanding and annual increase of the green house will increase the gross margins for the venture.

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There are others in tomato farming: individual farmer and youth organization but none using the Smart green Girl implemetation model. Smart Green Girls Competitive advantage: - Structured leadership and operations. -Group cohesion and dynamic challenges. - Funding from the government through youth fund. - Operation through partnership with local authorities and partners. - Available youth funding through county government youth development funds. The market segmentation -Individual farmers - 60% -Youth groups - 20% -imports from other counties - 10% - Others - 10%

Founding Story

It was in Nov 2014 when the founder walked to a supermarket, in her pocket she had only ksh.500. This amount was to buy dinner and following days breakfast, surprisingly, she could afford all the other basics but a kilo gram of tomato was trading at Ksh. 95. This meant it was beyond her financial ability and there was no budget provision for that. On the way home out of the vehicle’s window the empty underutilized land provoked the idea of green house tomato farming for her and the community around. A convenient and manageable modern technology farming that could encourage young women to the smart farming. Settling for a tasteless meal without tomato made it more urgent and priority.


1. Program Manager: Lucy Nyambura. (Part-time) Diploma in Information Technology Certificate : Business Entreprenuership and Business Development (UNDP) Terms: Part-time Roles: supervise daily operations; keep basic financial records; Report to the other green girls on the project progress. 2. Agronomist: (Part-time) Diploma: Agriculture Management Experience: 2 years. Terms: Part-time Roles: Train farm-hand attendant; give advisory and professional advice on all operations; periodic farm visist and plant assessment and evaluation. 3. Farm-Hand Attendant Basic Primary Education. Terms: Full-time Roles: day to days farm operations; offer casual labor.
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No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

In November 2012 through the Yes Youth Can program funded by USAID through regional implementing partner Mercy Corps we successfully mobilized youth to form Trans Nzoia Youth Bunge Sacco as the founding member and secretary to the board of management.Currently we have 519 members and issued Ksh.10.5 Million youth friendly and affordable business start-up and expansion loans.
As a member representing the youths in the county budgeting and economic committee, I pioneered formation of Youth advisory board as a board member to ensure the allocation of 30% constitutional resource allocation to youths, women and people living with disability with main focus to the procurement, tender award.
Currently county Ambassador and the Trainer of trainers, YES (Youth Empowerment for Success) Coca cola Africa Foundation funded program focus on youth entrepreneurship training, mentor-ship and linkage to business networks and financial institution.
A beneficiary of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI) 12 week entrepreneurship training in East Africa Center Nairobi (2015,USAID) and 8 weeks Business Skills, Entrepreneurship Development (2009, UNDP)

Beyond your existing team, who else are you working with to achieve your objectives, eg partners, advisors, mentors?

Trans Nzoia youth Sacco have been the project financing institutions, farming advisory and training have been offered in collaboration with the county government Agriculture department.
Mercy Corps have been mentors and partners in training and entrepreneurship opportunity scouting. County government through ministry of agriculture and Farm Africa for professional consultancy and advice. The training provides the basic financial and business management.