GREEN REALITY : To lay foundation towards a"Green Based”development processes,to a Green Country

Colombo, Sri LankaALL CITEIS, Sri Lanka
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make the lives Standard. 200 Green Projects in schools, 100 projects in villages, A research, Generalized Green Standard are among the activities which will be showcased through a reality show.

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What if Sri Lankans live in an Eco-Cult Era?
About Project

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This project addresses a problem which has no permanent solution at present and it is the CLIMATIC CHANGES, faced day by day as a result of global warming. It has become a challenge finding a feasible solution and make the people aware of practicing it. This project operates within the contexts of schools and villages in order to expect a behavioral and attitudinal change.

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The following solutions have been suggested. 1. To Introduce Green Ethics and Green Habits to help people to lead environmental friendly life. 2. To introduce a new general Green Standard to the Business world to persuade the companies to obtain it, in order to reach the people. 3. Make aware the school population, leading corporate companies of the Green concepts, So that the message is spread throughout the country. 4. Introduce a new subject in to the Primary and secondary School Curriculum. 5. Make the people involved in the process to practice the green habits. It is suggested to have a Reality Show in order to take the message to the people drawing attention, to the essence through the most popular media.
Impact: How does it Work

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300 Green based projects will be conducted during the Green Reality Project. Eg: Having competitive carbon neutral Schools. “GankandaVidyalaya” has implemented a carbon neutral project. The students who participated in the workshop, learned about the “Green Concepts” and spread the message among School community. Then teachers and students have a discussion and given their suggestions such as using emails instead of letters, use solar power as an energy source, practice 3R concept and Plant trees in the available areas inside the school to reduce carbon emission. Then they have started a Tree planting project and each student in the school planted a tree and looked after it. After 10 years of time, GankandaVidyalaya” will be Green.

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Project was initiated in year 2015 and an approval was taken and action plan has been prepared. Workshops have been planned to make all the parties aware of it. Schools and the villages have been selected using a prepared criteria to fulfil the objectives. Ideas and suggestions were taken from the academics in the field and all the parties concerned and it was revealed that everybody was positive with the concept and agreed to give their cooperation. (5 Academics 3 Principals 10 Teachers and 25 Students, 10 villages and 5 Leading Companies were included in the discussion.) Forestry and Environmental Science Department of University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the only department available in Sri Lankan university network, and given the consent to implement the project. The agreement will be signed among University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Capital Maharaja Group and the “Green Reality Team".

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

In the first stage the message of being Green will be spread sharing knowledge and practicing eco-friendly activities among 200 schools and 100 villages island-wide. These Projects will be telecast through the Reality show and the idea will be inculcated among all the Sri Lankans. With the introduction of the new subject the idea will be inculcated among the school populations. The findings of the Research will be presented in both local and international conferences. This process will be expanded and practiced throughout the island continuously and an eco-cult era will emerge in 20 years.

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All the others have proposed a single project and they always have become a part of our project. Our project consists of 300 projects that covers a wider scope. The impact of our program will penetrate through several generations to come and to the whole country. Our approach is to change the attitude of the people in order to have a sustainable solution rather than a temporary one. It is a giant step towards an Eco-cult era and to become the first ever Green Nation in the whole world.

Founding Story

"With the experience I have gained working through number of Environment related activities, and projects the seed of being Green conceived in me. Then I wanted to spread the message of being green among all. Then I thought of the best means of implementing the idea and the reality show came to my mind. Therefor I designed a reality show which combined the Green concept along with the reality experience. So I designed to implement 200 Green projects in Schools, and 100 large scales Green projects in villages by leading companies to make an impact. The positive responses given by all the parties expedited the process. Then I was able to find a well skilled team of Graduates to make it happen.


The project team consists of 50 Graduates who have taken the subject Forestry and Environmental Science who are truly interested in green concept. Several teams are appointed to implement the major activities of the project such as financial team, workshop team, research team, documenting teams, coordinating team etc. A board of Directors has been appointed taking into consideration the expertise knowledge and the experience. There will be a team selected to part time duties such as conducting surveys and workshops.
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Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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Co-founder of the Tropical Climate Change Education and Research Center

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An Advisory board consisting of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardanepura Prof.SampathAmaratunge, Dr.Priyan Perera and Senior Lecturers in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences.
Mentors have been appointed to intervene when necessary.
Mr.ChevaanDevavarathan Daniel- Group Director, Mr .Piyavi wijewardene- Excutive Officer- The Capital Maharaja Organization.

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