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Mantenlo Verde: Exchange your waste

Mexico DF, MexicoMexico DF, Mexico
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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We collect inorganic waste and exchange for service or products from our partners.
Only 15% of the inorganic waste is correctly separated and recycle.
We appreciate the effort of separating your trash, as a reward you get green points. when you collect a several points, you can exchange them.

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What if all the inorganic waste could be recycle?
About Project

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The inorganic waste exponetial growth, and the lack of ecological culture in Mexico and all latinamerican countries.

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Educate the citizens through workshops and training, at same time to encourage them with rewards. Starting with the big generators. Places such as companies, schools and residential buildings where we can coordinate people to achieve a goal altogether and quickly capitalize their effort.


reality show finalist.
Impact: How does it Work

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A school need to paint the basketball court, they put in touch with us and we quotethis job based on pet bottles. Periodically we do the waste collection, and process the bottles. then we sell this as raw material to our clients. When we finally convert the school waste in money, We call our suppliers and with preferential prices they do the job required by the school. Everyone wins.

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With the experience we have, we have noticed that a primary school of 300 students can put together 1 tonne of plastic bottles in 3 or 4 weeks of collection. speaking of companies, their main waste are sheets of paper and cardboard, and can collect up to a ton per week. Mantenlo verde focuses in all kinds of inorganic non-hazardous waste collection, being potential clients from an office which discarded paper to a metalworking industry. We hope by the end of 2016 to process 80 tons of waste each month, which is not even 5% of the waste generated in Mexico city. The market is huge and the problem is critical.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Unfortunately, in mexico there's a mafia that handles the garbage business. Even though we have been trying to approach the Government to receive any help. that's why our main strategy is based on social communication. Raise awareness in the generator to avoid disposing the waste without the correct separation. And transform the concept of garbage into recyclable waste that can be capitalize

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

We all know that the recycling business is a very profitable business. the important thing is to ensure the supply of recyclable waste, so this program generate loyal customers, and a continued supply of waste. Talking about the supliers tha provides the rewards to our clients, we also have partnerships that give us preferential prices with a profit margin for us.

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Currently we don't have much competition in the market since this type of rewards through inorganic waste programs is little known in the country. There's only one company named Ecoce sponsored by coca cola and big companies that offers poor rewards and only is focused on schools

Founding Story

I have a company dedicated to the real estate maintenace . Once in a building I was asked quote painting of all the walls and it was very expensive, they said that they couldn't afford it, at that moment I saw the waste deposit full. I told them that separate and sell the waste so they can gather the money required. we would work. They achieve the goal and we painted all the building. All neighbors worked as a team.


The leader team is composed by 6 persons Raul Moreno CEO full time. Mechanical engineer. Mario del vecchyo Process manager mechatronics engineer. Full time Miguel Acosta. T I logistics manager part time Mario aponte. Operative manager part time Edgar pineda. Civil engineer. CFO part time Marco Moreno. Civil engineer. Part time.
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Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action.

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