MedTrucks, mobile healthcare solutions

MedTrucks, mobile healthcare solutions: Innovates mobiles healthcare solutions to facilitate the access in remote area.

Montpellier, FranceSidi Slimane, Morocco
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for profit
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
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MedTrucks designs and develops innovates mobiles healthcare solutions to facilitate the access in remote area.

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What if mobile healthcare units could provide access to life-saving treatment in a way not previously possible.
About Project

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The burden of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is increasing across the world, propelled by the rising prevalence of two major risk factors: diabetes and hypertension. Kidney failure is a chronic disease which affect 250M people in the world. 1.9M people are undergoing dialysis, and 1.2M premature deaths each year due to lack of access to dialysis.

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MedTrucks provides access to rural patients who would otherwise have to travel great distances to receive this life-saving treatment; to avoid transportation costs and risk of flight for correctional care facilities; and even disaster response needs. Our solutions include a range of MedSystems®: -MedMapping : a real-time patient map based on crowdsourcing geolocation method. -MedTracking: a smart location tool intended to pin servicing station and draw optimum itinerary. -MedTrucks : enables patients to receive a dialysis procedure while seating in a fully equipped medical truck. -MedEducation: a telemedicine platform to remote control dialysis sessions. By deploying health systems close to the patients, we facilitate their daily life


We have been the finalist of Global Social Venture Competition (Berkeley), Challenges magazine
Impact: How does it Work

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This the story of Mariam. A moroccan grand mother living in douaar (=small rural village). She is 60 years old and she is undergoing dailysis therapy. Each week she has to go twice to the closest dialysis center, which is located near 60km. The moroccan governement take in charge the cost of the session dialysis. But Mariam has to pay transportation cost. Sometimes she could not get money to pay the taxi, and the train. She has to cancelled their rendez-vous then she feels more sick. A member of her family heard about MedTrucks. And he logges on the platefomr to register her grand mother via his smartphone. Now, we know where Mariam lives and we bring close to their home dialysis by deploying a mobile dialysis unit.

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By deploying healthcare close to the patient we facilitate their dalily life wherever he is. We facilitate the temporal accessiblility( time consuming to travel). Each patient have saved 6 hours a week. This free tile have been relocated to professional or personnal activities. Physicall accessibility ( mobility and harship to travel). Less they travel better they feel. The patient feel less anxious because he knows he has access to his dialysis. And financial accessibility (no more travel cost). The family have not more to support transportation cost. They saved 150€ which represented a half of the minimum salary.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We work with the Morocco authority to launch the first pilot project in the wilaya of Sidi Slimane. A mapping of a 120 patients started in 2015 and we intend to map a third of the kingdom of Morocco for June 2016 and complete it at the end of the year. 5000 patients ars registred on the patient list. With 110 turkcs we are able to take in charge all this patients. Ours mobile soultions could be deploy all over the world beacause they use NTIC.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

We connect patients with healthcare players. We equip the healthcare players with medical trucks. Our business model is inspired by Uber’s business model for healthcare application. For each dialysis session provided via our platform we divide the fare, usually 80% for the healthcare player and 20% to our company. The health care provider pays us for each dialysis session.

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Nowdays, there is patient list where people there are registred and waitting for a place in center. Unfortunatly, today the solution for the patient is death.

Founding Story

I am a french-morocco and I use to spent my hollidays in this country. One day, in station rail a old mama get suffered. This mama came back from her dialysis session and with the long travel distance and warm, she get more sick. As an engineer I said in my mind how can I help this pover mama to live better. By bring healthcare to her. I saw the evolution of the morocco society. All moroccan have an smartphone. This perferct and powerfull tools to help us to build heatlcare solutions.


Anass EL HILAL (CEO), biomechanical engineer. Expert in designing medical devices. Asmae EL HILAL (International Developpment), International trade and business. Jamir DERROUICHE ( CTO), Biomechanical engineer. Technical expert in mobile healthcare solutions.
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