Microbiology serving coffee flavor

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Microbiology serving coffee flavor: How to improve the profiles of a cup of coffee by using microorganisms?

Manizales, ColombiaManizales, Colombia
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Coffee in Colombia is one of the most important products, both for the economy and for the social impact, 560,000 families live product, using tools such as microbiology can enhance the flavors in the coffee cup, better quality equals better income

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What if using microorganisms can definitely improve the quality of coffee, find different flavors to an increasingly demanding market ?, with better coffee payments for farmers!
About Project

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the second most consumed beverage in the world is coffee, only after water, is an increasingly competitive market where consumers are increasingly demanding, that's where we have to be at the forefront, creating technologies that enable families coffee stay in business, offering consumers a much higher quality and differentiated coffees that can generate better income for coffee-growing families.

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Evaluate different microorganisms that we believe best qualities of coffee, with different flavors and can continue replicating, thereby creating a technology that ensures us a profile of coffee.


Not yet, I'm sure it will happen
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The impact that this project will generate is directly with the coffee-growing families, who can enter the market with better quality coffee, coffee is increasingly desired by the consumer, who is willing to pay a much higher price, provided to have what he likes.

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The projected future impact is that resources be increased for families, since they will receive a better price for their coffee

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The potential of this project will start to see the short term, it will be easy to replicate with other farmers who want to adopt the idea.

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The resources required for this project are few, however to start if a small capital investment is needed.

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Until now it is increasing the market for specialty coffees, as I have said consumers have become increasingly demanding, but the journey that I have in the world of coffee, I have no knowledge of any similar project, ie where the coffee microbiota is contemplated as an alternative to create differentiated coffees.

Founding Story

Simply walking the coffee world of my country I have realized that you can get further in terms of quality, is what I want to do and thereby contribute something to research and develop technologies that can help to farmers, is a also professional challenge that I am imposing and it can be very fruitful.


Carlos Mario Gonzalez, Agronomist with experience in quality coffee, full time
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