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Coimbatore , IndiaCoimbatore , India
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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No Food Waste is an edible food Recovery Project which serves the surplus excess foods to the hungry and deprived through a dedicated Collection Vehicle , Helpline Number and an Application to match the nearest hunger zones. We have served around 20,935 meals to the needy people till date this year.

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What if there is enough uneaten food waste to feed the world's 870 million hungry?
About Project

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A gaunt old lady, emancipated to the bones, in a torn saree approached me for alms, just as I left a wedding reception hall where rich food was carelessly discarded away on used plates, simply because the guests could not finish. I could not stand and watch and had to do something about it. Bangalore alone wastes 943 tones of quality food annually during weddings which could feed 2.6 crore people, a normal Indian meal. Feed People not landfills !

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we have established a successful model in our coimbatore city , we are able to feed 6000 people every month with excess foods. We have a dedicated 1- Warehouse ( Collection Points ) 2- Collection Vehicle ( Foodiva ) 3- Mobile Application ( Thats Map's the nearest hunger zone of the city to the user ) 4- Distribution Points ( Hunger Zones Identifed based on Survey ) 5- Helpline Number ( Call Center ) We have two sets of audiences that we cater two. One is the supplier of the excess food and the other the hungry. We currently serve the needy people in 1- Coimbatore Government Hospital 2- Economically Backward Slums 3- Needy Orphanages and Old age homes 4- Homeless People


The Pollination Project - Visionary Award - California , Best Social Entreprise Award from Indian Chamber of Industry and Commerce - 87 year old Indian Organisation , Seva Rathna Award in International Youth Conclave from Nehru Group of Instituions
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I would like to highlight a story that happened to us recently. On October 4th the city had a fundraising marathon for Cancer patients with 15000 people attendance. At the end of the event, we received a call to recover around 700 Kgs of good quality Pongal ( A breakfast dish ) which could be fed to around 1500 people. We went at 10.00 am in the morning. It was like driving a “Food Ambulance” and enjoyed tripping 5 times to different food insecure areas that we have mapped for delivery. Around 3.00 P.M, we finished our distribution of food to 1500 people in different hunger spots of the city. Every experience is challenging and more compassionate towards society.

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There are lot of hungry people in my city . About 15% of the population is food insecure. We have mapped around 42 slums and the locations of around 30,000 below poverty communities in our city where the excess food collected from different locations are donated. There is a startling imbalance, particularly due to large waste from corporate and group institutions. We are working in the city continuously to map hunger zones near these surplus food generators so that these food insecure locations can be made hunger free. The Impact of the project has increased from feeding 1000 people per month to 6000 people /month , as the calls to collect the excess foods increase every month , we are trying to scale the established model in the city , to the near by cities of Tamilandu and India.

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For our new system , we are planning to develop a 1- Call Center for Donor Relations - Receiving excess food pick up request’s through What’s app, No Food Waste Portal , helpline and No Food Waste Mobile application 2- Portal/ App to connect all Donors, Facilitators, Volunteers, Retailers, Transportation Partners and Supporters 3- IVR based Call Routing and recording to different cities, emergency communication tools to communicate excess foods to the volunteers We are trying to expand the No Food Waste initiative to 10 cities in India with the aim of feeding 30,000 People/month

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We are establishing a new service ‘No Food Waste Certified‘ - Restaurants and Hotels through an annual certification fee which is used as a corpus for the operations every year. We are also planning to do Food Waste Audit and suggest them methodologies to reduce and manage food waste with a nominal consultancy charges which will also be used to maintain the fund flow to expand to other cities. At Precent we are supported by like minded people

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More than excess food collection, we handle the problem of Food Waste with a process called 3 A We work on a process called 3 A to reduce food waste and hunger in the community A - Audit + Awareness = Audit and awareness sessions in Schools, Colleges and Corporate A - Annadhana = Feeding the excess foods and donated foods to the needy people. A- Alternative Resources = Making people to use the plate leftovers and preparation residues as compost / biogas or manure. Hence the project is Unique among other excess food recovery networks.

Founding Story

I used to spend a lot of time with students during their lunch break, I saw many of them dumping food into dustbins without a second thought.One afternoon, after they left, I weighed the food they had thrown away; it weighed 18 kilos.I got really worried. It always upsets me when people waste food. We have thousands of people in India who go hungry every day. Then, I happened to be at a wedding and there too a lot of food was wasted. One day, I asked the waiter to pack half of the biryani I had ordered at a restaurant. I gave that packet of untouched food to an old lady who was sitting outside the restaurant. I still cannot forget the smile on her face. Then I started No Food Waste


We Prouldly Call our team as SUPER 10 ! Each one of us takes care of particular roles and responsibilities. Also we have a couple of Advisors and Supporters , who guide us in our actions and decisions. 1- A.G.Padmanaban - Founder and Dreamer 2- Mr. Sudhakar - Cheif of Operations 3- Mr. Tharnesh - Chief - Survey and Analysis 4- Mr. Chatrian - Chief of Outreach and Public Relations 5- Mrs Priya - Admin - Call Center and Documentation Department 6- Mr. Shyam - Food Distribution Co-ordinator 7- Mr. Kavin - Food Distribution Co-ordinator 8- Mr. Devaneyan - Cheif Developer ( Technical ) 9- Mr. Sidhath - Head of Creatives 10- Mr. Gokul, Mr. Sathish - Food Saver - Driver Major roles of the project is Full time , as excess food recovery is not a pre planned activity and its simultanious. Advisors : 1- Mrs. Poornima Bhavesh - Sustainabily 2- Mr. James - Financial Advisor 3- Mr. Savior - Advisor for Orphanges and Old Age Homes Connect 4- Mrs. Abirami - Team Management 5- Mr. Aravind - Budget Planning and Process Flow 6- Mr. Hariharan - Catering and Hotel Industry
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Through a Friend and like minded person

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Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action.

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My Profile is available at I am a Social Entrepreneur , currenlty running 2 social ventures SPICE Foundation - Which teaches kids on STEM and Creative Education - Currenlty around 900 Students are enrolled in the annual program at the cost of Rs 365/year

I am also running a tech start up which provides technology and solutions for Social Entrepreneurs and businesses

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We have a Network called Freinds of No Food Waste ( FoNFW ) - 163 Members who support , guide and motivate us with our day to day and project needs.