Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited

Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited: More PORK through Artificial Insemination

Kampala, UgandaKampala, Uganda
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for profit
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
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Majority pig farmers in Uganda are smallholders keeping 1-2 pigs, these depend on poor quality boars for Insemination services because there is no access to Artificial Insemination (AI) services. Easy access to AI will improve production & productivity hence increased profits to pig farmers.

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What if pigs could be pregnant without a Boar and save farmers money to invest in more Sows?
About Project

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There is increasing market for pork in Uganda with estimated per capita consumption at 3.4kg/person/year, unfortunately pig farmers cannot easily exploit this opportunity due to lack of quality breeding services and consistent outbreaks of Africa Swine Fever due to use of village boars causing massive losses. This is because there is no access to Artificial Insemination Services in the country and the whole East African region.

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Establishing a Boar stud producing and processing semen for Artificial Insemination. This will improve quality and quantity of pig farm products through use of more productive breeds of pigs hence increasing farm profitability, there will e no more unnecessary movements of pigs from one farm to another hence preventing associated disease risks and will make production schemes easy to plan and manage. Over 1.1 Million households will benefit from the project, the project will also create jobs for over 10,000 agriculturalists willing to distribute Artificial Insemination services as agents. The solution will also be applied in other East African countries because there is no Artificial Insemination service providers in the region.
Impact: How does it Work

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A pig farmer keeping a Sow without a Boar will from time to time need to identify a village Boar and will from one heat period to another move his/her sow to such Boar for insemination services. If he decides to keep a Boar, the profits will be reduced because Boar service is required twice a year but stress farm resources throughout the year! Farmers using Artificial Insemination do not need to keep farm boars, will not move sows from farm to another for insemination services therefore fully control animal health. They have choice on the breed type to use depending on their farm targets, timely insemination and 10 times cheaper insemination alternative hence improving farm profitability by over 20%.

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The project is to benefit over 1.1 Million households keeping pigs in Uganda. Through agency distributorships, over 10,000 veterinarians will be given authority to distribute Artificial Insemination services to areas not efficiently covered by the project. Since there is no Boar stud or efficient commercial Artificial Insemination provider in East Africa currently, the project will extend to benefit farmers in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan in the next 10 years after project establishment in Uganda.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Artificial Insemination increase value of all pig farm products, more leaner and meaty carcasses are produced by porkers and a large, stronger and fast growing litter by sows. Availability of quality porkers will stimulate establishment and sustainable existence of pork processing companies enabling pig farmers get more from their pigs. The limited movement of farm animals from one farm to another for insemination services will make African Swine Fever (main killer of pigs in Uganda) control more easier hence reducing on the number of outbreaks that happen per year.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project will carry out business of Boar Semen and Artificial Insemination services trade. The profit generated will support project sustainability.

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Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is trying to address the problem using imported semen. The service is very expensive therefore not affordable by most smallholder pig farmers. We intend to locally produce semen and sale Artificial Insemination services. This will make our Artificial Insemination service more affordable to most pig farmers in Uganda.

Founding Story

As pig traders, we always have supply contracts with large pork buyers mainly hotels and processors. These agreements are secured by money which is reduced every time you fail to deliver on your promise. In a pig farming environment like this in Uganda, you cannot be sure of when African Swine Fever will strike and availability of quality animals consumable by these important buyers! We carried out training on bio-security which helped but remaining with a restricting factor of breeding services. Pig farmers have no option but to move their pigs from farm to another for breeding services! This is why we decided on implementing Artificial Insemination services to add on the effort.


The project will be led by a swine expert with over 8 years of practice in the Uganda pig value chain as Managing Director for pig enterprises and capacity development expert along the pig value chain more especially farmers and traders. Expertise from Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited staffs and consultants, the institution leading the project will be put to exploitation. The experience in marketing and general relationship with farmers.
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No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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I am one of the founders of Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited and I have been the Managing Director of the same company for now 4 years.

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We are working with government bodies, private sector, and non government organizations including;
1. Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries
2. AVSI Foundation
3. International Livestock Research Institute and many others