SWAPNA: A change against unemployeement and scarcity of drinking water.

Unjha, IndiaIndia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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This project 'SWAPNA' aims to strengthen the product development and simple technology to solve the problems of drinking water scarcity in India.second objective is that it reach to all needy people. unemployed or undergraduate innovative youth will be backbone of this system.

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What if the phase 'water water everywhere ..but not a single drop to drink!' can be proved wrong just by efforts of unemployed but innovative youth?
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Today India is one those countries which are remarkably developing but many rural and urban areas are not able to be part of this GROWTH .Many MOU's and budgets are assigned but this help is not able to reach up to those needy people.As per the research even today thousands of people dont get sufficient water to drink just due to lack of management.Unemployement another big issue n smtimes poor background ,insecure income results to terrorism.

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our goal will be the maximum involvement of unemployed or undergraduate engineers . we will organize short term intership programes (so that they can earn their lively) , free workshops which will be part of thier curiculum(so that they can sharpen their skills) , seminars and compitions. in intership programes , more importance will be given on the product development and simple technology to solve the problems of drinking water. the best would be who earn the maximum by selling his/her product to needy people at reasonable prices and will be awarded . 50% of that amount will go in fund(which will be used for wellfare of thepeople) and other 50% profit will be his /hers earning. required material provided by organizers.
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This project is for the people , by the people and to the people. Que is how by the people? Yes , unemployed or undergraduate innovative youth will be part. As a customer poor and needy people will be targeted so that they can get advantage at low cost. In initial stage for providing guidelines and seminars seven to eight unemployed or needy professors and guide can be assigned with secure income and other few voulenteerely.As This project is based on youth participation and the product development and technology to solve the problems of drinking water scarcity, youth will get oppertunety to earn and prove thereself. this project will be best platform to bring their innovations and earn though it without investing a single penny .

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In order for the project 'SWAPNA' to sustain financialy , we will apply for government and NGO's to invest a little in initial so that projects start working. Once it get succeed no funding will be required because 30% amount that student's earned will be utillized for buying materials required to make the product. Maximum people will participate as there is zero investment for production and the project is for welfare of mankind.
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Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production.

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Not yet got chance to prove ..just willingness to do something for mankind will help me to succeed.

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