Talent For Vision 2030

Talent For Vision 2030: Platform for Realization and Training

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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This is a talent awareness program for the community. It helps the community realize the power of talents to create jobs by providing a platform for realization and training.

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If this projects succeeds then we would have curb 70% of unemployment in the community by empowering individuals. Thus reducing unemployment and poverty as well as bringing equality to access of information.
About Project

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The community has over one million unemployed individuals due to the few job opportunities. The objective of the Talent for Better Vision 2030 program is to help these students realize the power of talents to create jobs by providing a platform for realization and training.

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The Talent for Better Vision 2030 program provides a platform with access to online engine where they can study (academy.dicremic.com), to sell their products (shop.dicremic.com), educational seminars and Competitions (competitions.dicremic.com) and News and Updates (blog.dicremic.com) for motivation. In addition, seminars for educational purposes will be available.

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Every member will be be registering with Ksh. 250 which will help sustain and up keep the project.

Founding Story

Dicremic is an organisation seeking grant to start the Talent for Vision 2030 with the objective of helping the community increase their skills and competence. It so happened to me, being the only student in my community to have reached the university level, challenged me to start this project in aid of my community.


Shadrack Nicholas - CEO Zack Brolins - PR Manager Belinda Mwirigi - CSR Manager Samuel Anyona - PR Manager Avugwe Shadrack - Projects Co-ordinator Godfrey Ikiyu - Human Resource Manager Lornah Birya - Secretary General Judy Mito - Finance Director Brian Mosomi - Human Resource Director Jesse Mugambi - Projects Co-ordinator
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No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality.

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