Tambero.com: We help farmers worldwide to reduce unequal production issues with our free app

Morteros, ArgentinaColombia
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Farmers worldwide need better tools and knowledge to reduce unequal production issues and improve their yields.
Tambero.com helps farmers to increase their dairy production by optimizing production process, lowering costs and improving the overall well-being of animals.

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What if agricultural technology and knowledge would be within hand's reach for all farmers around the world to increase the production of poor rural villages?
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

There exist a great gap of productivity among farmers of different countries, and also among farmers of the same country, because the lack of technology and information. So that, under the same agro ecological conditions the producer of a "agricultural developed" country can produce up to 10 times more than other of a less developed. This creates an unfair situation which is neccessary to solve to reduce the hunger in rural villages.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To solve that problem one solution is a platform of smart farming management. Tambero.com provides that solution. It is a tool to help farmers to manage their dairy and cattle farm. This application generates information to improve the process of making decisions. Besides, the platform has a system of alerts and technical information which helps farmers increase their production by optimizing lactation cycles, identifying effective rations, lowering costs, and improving the overall well-being of animals. For example: if the lactation time exceeds the optimal biological cycle for high production yields. You need to move the cow to a mid/low production herd to reduce costs.


FastCompany’s World Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Latin America; Nominated to UN’s World Summit of Information Society Prizes 2015 – Best e-agriculture project of the world; FORBES Hottest Global Startup of the Year (2013), others
Impact: How does it Work

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We have studied the information of some users of Tambero.com and we found that our users are increasing their milk production with each lactation cycle up to 200%. We know those results are not a 100% resposibility of Tambero.com, but with our system of alerts and tech ical information farmers can optimize the production process. Besides, we provide a tool which not only advises and teachs but also, It allows farmers to have a historical register of the evolution of their production and the actions taken to improve.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

In the world: 78% of the farms are Household farms and produce the 33% world milk and 21% of the farms are family farms and explain the 33% world milk. Less than 1% of all farms have digital tools to improve their farm production. However, 87% of them have a cellphone and they are going to have a smartphone in next 5 years. Currently, we have 40.000+ users spread in 150+ countries. Every day, in average, 100 new farmers worldwide join to Tambero.com. We are focus on household and family farms: our users have in average 50 animals and they are the oner who most need Tambero.com. Altough Tambero.com is thinking to every farmer. We have studied the information of some users of Tambero.com and we found a raising up to 200% in their milk production.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Partnership with Internet.org by Facebook (+1 billion cellphones will have free data access to our app promoted by Facebook and local telcos, starting in oct 2015). We are developing an offline version and easy way to upload massive information (Partnership with Microsoft). More languages and content (from 20 to 40 available languages). Landing in mature markets and countries with big userbase. New partnerships to increase penetration and user acquisition. Create a global brand. Promote an ecosystem of third-party developers. Become a "de facto" standard.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Our business plan is: 1- Premium version ($360 USD annually): Premium Business version with cost and expense management; Enterprise version grouping farmers for cooperatives and institutions. 2- Targeted ads and recommendations sponsored by agribusiness companies: We have information that no one else has in Agribusiness; We can recommend products like no other, at the best time -> when farmers are thinking about it. 3- API Licenses.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Our main competitors are: BovControl, Farmeron and Cattle Max. The big differences are: 1- Market: we want to reach more farmes so that out system is translated in 20 languages. 2- Tools: we provide more free tools than anyone. Our aim is getting more users to acquire more information in order to provide better recommendations. 3- Technical recommendatios: only platform wich include this kind of information to teach. 4 Business model: the only with commercial recommendations. We want to show an ad which creates real value, and be integrated to the platform. 5- More easy to use.

Founding Story

We saw a great problem among farmers worldwide: the different access to information and technological tools which have an impact in efficiency. This situation impedes poor farmers to increase their food and incomes. After that we discovered that there was not in the world a free app to help farmers to manage their farms in a easy way and the next billion internet users will be farmers. Consequently, we tried to give a solution to that trouble. We created a free platform to manage farms which best practices in order to teach. We founded the enterprise in a little town in Argentina (Morteros, Córdoba) near farms to interact with farmers and get a quickly feedback of them to improve the system.


Eddie Rodriguez von der Becke: CEO & CTO, full time. A former IT manager with +10 years leading projects for Fortune 500 companies in 14 countries. His wife grew up on dairy farms and now manages them. They use Tambero.com; Federico Priotti: Business Manager, full time. MBA, Economist. A former Stock Exchange subdirector. He grew up on a family dairy farm. They use Tambero.com; Hugo Galotto: Web developer, full time. An enthusiastic web developer. His family works in farm services; Mariano Tinti: 5-year student of veterinary, part time. Researcher in animal health and nutrition. In the future we hope to hire two developer mobile, one junior developer, one person in communication and desing, one community manager and one business assitant to follow the clients.
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Partner; Now I am the Business Manager

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No Poverty, Zero Hunger.

Leadership and the Unilever Awards
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I am a specialist in Agricultural Economics. During the last 5 years, I focused on agribusiness project assessments (swine meat, dairy products, bioenergy, beef meat, chicken products, and pulses) and agricultural finances (forecast, budget and hedge). I have been advisor in agricultural public policies in the Ministry of Agricultural and the Ministry of Industry of Córdoba. I have lectured about economic and agricultural topics addressing audiences of entrepreneurs, bank and academic staff both in private and public meetings. I am also advisor in management in private farms.
As a former Sub-Director of the Economic Research Institute of the Córdoba Stock Exchange (15 people in charge) I have learnt how to act under the pressure of deadlines and how to create a pass along a peaceful and calm atmosphere for the team to produce successful outcomes. Also I am goal-oriented, so that I consider myself a good planner and efficient time organizer.

Beyond your existing team, who else are you working with to achieve your objectives, eg partners, advisors, mentors?

Partnership with Facebook in its project Internet.org (Global partnership in more than 100 countries. +1 billion cellphones will have free data access to our app promoted by Facebook and local telcos, starting in oct 2015).
Partnership with Microsoft (MS will promote our app with Office 365 starting in Atain America with farmers and agro-companies).
Partnership (in progress) with Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Córdoba National University.
Partnership (in progress) with National Institute of Agricultural Technology.