Meet our Network Partners

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Meet our Network Partners who are doing great work in the sector and helping to spread the word about the Changemakers GMO competition:

Slow Food USA:

Centre Technique De Cooperation Agricole:    

Farm Radio:

Busoga Rural Open Source and Development:


For more information on joining our Network Partnership program please contact Elizabeth Araujo at



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Just found this...thank you Elizabeth! a.

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Always a pleasure. Glad you noticed - although I am not surprised, as you are very engaged with the community and so active throughout the site. Thanks again!

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Hey there "EAr'a'ujo".

i like how your name has 'ear' in it. I bet people actually tell you that you listen very well... ask around... you'll hear what the people see, that i see (& sea - check this out & give me any feedback since i imagine you may not be involved in the judging process; true or...?: Ok, enough with 'fun with words', now onto this link: ... hmmm, so what happened to it...? Imagine if the ocean stopped being the EArth's functioning link of life-giving...everything. Peace~!

Thanks, EA(r)~! a. 

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Ha ha, I hadn't noticed! Thanks for pointing out the problem with the link above - I fixed it the other day. And thanks for being such an active community member! We're just about to start this collaborative process of putting a How To Guide together for our online Groups and as you are one of our most active site users, I have also emailed you an invitation to participate. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to receiving your reply, Liz

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i wondered beyond the known...and what did i find...?

 The Esparanto & Finnish definitions are, available life-directions.

 Which path(s) have you taken...past, present, future...?


     Ear = capable of listening, hearing  [to = a] ujo = that which contains, or shy.

 - The more i get to know you...

the more you get to know...

about a deeper part of yourself.

  Now that's Changemaking-social-friendshipping! Peace~! a.