Campaign for Healthier Eating in America

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Campaign for Healthier Eating in America

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The Campaign can end the genetic engineering of the food supply by creating a tipping point of consumer rejection of brands with GMOs. It already educates consumers about the health risks and provide clear non-GMO choices through GMO Health Risks brochures and printed Non-GMO Shopping Guides.
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Health is the main motivator, but non-GMO choices are essential. Without labeling, identifying those choices requires easily accessible guidance. We now provide an on-line Non-GMO Shopping Guide, which can become a mobile phone application accessible by virtually everyone. The Campaign does not depend on legislative changes (which can always be undone) for success, but on consumer power.

How will you sustain your solution?

The Campaign has already generated local grassroots efforts within communities and regions, thereby strengthening the whole "sustainable" movement. There is no charge for an individual to officially become a member of the Campaign. Similarly, organizations and groups can be Campaign Partners in the coalition merely by disseminating information that has already been created.

What will be the impact of your solution?

It will move food manufacturers away from GMOs and towards voluntary testing and labeling by the Non-GMO Project, thereby increasing non-GMO choices. With more non-GMO choices available, more consumers will reject brands containing GMOs. When the "tipping point" of consumer rejection is reached, food manufacturers will eliminate GM ingredients in the US, just as they already have in Europe!