Grunin Center

Lawyers play a critical role in designing, implementing, advancing and defending models by which economic and social activity is conducted on a global basis. The Grunin Center is proposing to award an annual prize to recognize the variety and impact of lawyers' participation in the ways in which business, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, is increasingly advancing the goals of sustainability and human development.

The Grunin Prize recognizes lawyers, legal educators, policy-makers, in-house counsel or legal teams that develop innovative, scalable and social entrepreneurial solutions using existing law, legal education, or the development of new legal structures or metrics.

The Grunin Prize may be awarded based on inputs, like new uses of old laws or reframing of the conceptual framework surrounding the law, or outputs, like the development of a new legal structure or organizational design.

The inaugural Grunin Prize will be presented at the annual IILWG/Grunin Center conference on “Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing—in the U.S. and Beyond” that will be held at the NYU School of Law in June 2018.

More information on the Prize will be available in September 2017.

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