Strength And Vitality Everywhere (SAVE)

Strength And Vitality Everywhere (SAVE)

Bucharest, RomaniaRomania
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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We are the SAVE for the poor and sick! We can be the change in the health system, bringing healing and relieving to those who are sick.We will fight against misery and ignorance in a healthcare who leave thousands of people untreated.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Tens of thousands of people don't have even a clinic close to the place where they stay, and are forced to travel tens of miles to treat.SAVE will solve this problem by providing medical services anywhere in the country. Another problem are cases of serious illnesses that occur as a result of poor information, the lack of vaccines or the conditions where they live.SAVE will offer better conditons,more informations and treatment for those who suffer...

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

SAVE will provide medical services for everyone who live in areas where are no medical institutions, will embark on projects for the prevention of various diseases (tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis B, etc), will provide information to those in need and will help and support those who live in poor conditions.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

Our goal is to treat as many people as possible in an effective way,to decrease possible cases of preventable diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis, pneumonia, etc.), to inform as many people about various illnesses, to provide support and medication to people in rural areas.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.


Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

In the first year we hope that we will provide medical services in Romania, in area without medical care, and over the next two years we want to cover medical services all over Eastern Europe.In five years I would like to expand our work in Asia and in Africa in areas without medical care.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

We don't have competitors but if we will see a similar organization in the marketplace we will cooperate with them to cover bigger areas. The result will be treatment for more people.
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Explain what the "innovation" is about, e.g., is it the idea and/or the model you use to accomplish the idea, or your understanding of the target population, etc.?

My idea is to create caravans that provide quick and high quality medical services for those who do not get medical services in their area. Romania has one of the highest rates of hospitalization in the world. Hospitals in Romania consume over 10% more than the money allocated to other hospitals in the European Union.All of this happens because Romania don't offer in every area health care. By building this service, tens of thousands of people will have access to medical services without leaving the area where they stay. So caravans will fill the gaps that Romania and a lot of other countries have(the lack of medical centers) and will go from village to village to treat the sick and prevent disease.They'll go through those areas that do not have medical centres where patients could be treated accordingly.
The target population in Romania are the people in areas where there are no medical centers.By providing quality medical services will no longer be needed hospitalization .

Describe how your innovation model is distinct from any other organization in your field?

1)SAVE interrelates with various associations to bring medical services to people in need, Also try to solve those factors that maintain health: food, housing, hygiene, education, life conditions. By working with other associatons we will be able to solve the issues that determine the health of a person.
2)Providing medical services in areas where there are no clinics.
3) Programs against various communicable diseases: tuberculosis (Romania has the higher incidence of tuberculosis in the EU), hepatitis B (hepatitis B incidence is double than EU average),pneumonia(Romania occupies the first place in the world as the rate of pneumonia deaths among children aged between 0 and 5 years.)

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

In an attempt to provide a good medical service, SAVE will work with the Ministry of Health but also with different organizations to create the best possible conditions for people.Also volunteers will work with SAVE because in the end they will have the satisfaction that Romania, or another country undeveloped,have a medical system in which everyone is treated

How do you make sure you constantly innovate in light of (potential) external challenges, or your growth plan?

SAVE will try to expand in the future in other countries, in places where the medical system is not developed.Will try to increase the medical prevention programs and offer to those in need all conditions necessary in order not to get sick.

Organization Country

, B

Business Model
The systemic challenge you are trying to overcome (select one)

Bring accessible healthcare to communities in emerging markets

Health area (target market) where the need is [select only one]

Primary healthcare services

Categories along the health continuum you are covering [select all that apply]

Prevention, Detection, Intervention, Long-term care.

Stage that best applies to your solution [select only one]

Idea (poised to launch)

Core strategies of your business model [select all that apply]

Patient-centered design, Redesign of the public healthcare system for more efficiency (in terms of processes, structure etc.), New approaches to distribution of health products and services.

If other, specify here:
Most relevant tools you are using to implement the strategies outlined above [select only two]

Consultation, Education/training.

If other, specify here:
What is your value proposition?

The propositon have a tremandous value,SAVE will save lives through the projects they will developed, through the medical services they will offer and through the support they will give to different persons in need.

Who is your customer(s)?

The beneficiaries of the projects SAVE will be all Romanian citizens, especially people who need medical care and in future communities in emerging markets that require medical services of a good quality.

What approaches to you use to reach your customers?

We will make a national campaign and also before we will enter in a village we will announce, so anyone who come will be treated. Also we will organize various events in the places where we'll stop. People who will be restrained to the bed will receive care at home.

What are your primary activities?

The main activities of the SAVE will be the examination and treatment of persons who don't benefit from health services.Also another activity will be teaching about diseases,hygiene and prevention to all persons who are interested.

What other challenges - individual, organizational, or environmental – are you currently facing or might hinder future success of your business, and how do you plan to overcome those?

The biggest challange of all is to create a stable health care system where everyone is treated.Another challange is to attract funds in order to cover the costs of building institutions that offer health care for everyone.

Briefly describe your growth strategy going forward

In the first year we want to treat 20 thousands people.Many areas in the Danube Delta and Carpathians Mountains don't have acces to medical care. So they will be the first areas to start with, and then in the next years we will try to expand in Africa or Asia, in poor areas where people have no acces to health care.

What dimensions for growth are you currently targeting for your innovation [select all that apply]

New regions(s), New market(s)/country(ies).

What makes your business "ready" for growth?

The simple structure of the plan, who can be applied by every country who don't have enough money to offer full medical service in every area.

What are your key growth objectives?

Helping every person in Romania to have medical assistance regardless of the area in which he live.Another objective will be the decrease of cases who suffer from disease which can be treated (pneumonia,tuberculosis,hepatitis B,etc).

Organization's Country of Operation

, B, Bucharest

Social Impact
What methods for quantification of social impact are you applying (if at all)?

We will come back from time to time in areas where we have offered medical assistance, so we'll be able to see the impact that our work has had.

Could your solution work in other geographies or regions? If so, where?

Yes.This solution work everywhere, particularly in the developing areas where the medical assistance don't treat everyone,especially in Eastern Europe,parts of Asia and the north of Africa.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

We hope that through our activity, diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and hepatitis will decrease dramatically in incidence in Romania. Also we want the whole population of Eastern Europe to receive good medical assistance until 2016.

Elaborate on your current financing strategy

We hope that a big part from our expenses will be covered by the government and the rest by donations.We estimate that we need over one million dolars to cover the expenses for the medical care of 20000 persons in one year, 80% will be covered by the governement and the rest from donations.

Share of revenue generation in total income of organization (in percent)


Direct sales to patients or other beneficiaries (in percent)
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Other beneficiaries.

Licensing fees, e.g., for technology/franchise model (in percent)
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Explain your revenue generation strategy in more detail

The government pays double the amount of money in hospitals for treating people who came from areas in which there is no medical assistance.Those people come to the hospital with more serious diseases (default treatment is more expensive).If there had been medical care in their area, treatment would have been cheaper and the patient would have recovered much more quickly.So the State will be interested to give us money because they will only have to win.We rely on donations, they also will make.

Share of philanthropy in total income of organization (in percent)


Philanthrophy strategies you are using

Diversified strategy.

Explain your philanthropic approach in more detail

We will make a national campaign where will appeal to people's goodwill. We will create total transparency in terms of costs for people to understand the need for financial support, but at the same time we will try to create a more extensive description of our activity.

Expand on your selections; explain how you will sustain funding over the next 1-3 years.

We will require support of the government to cover 80% of costs and the rest we think it will be cover by donations.

Years in Operation

Idea phase

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