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Integrity Labs empowers communities and organizations who seek justice by providing vital Digital
The solution involves theory and practical parts.the theory will entail teachings on financial di
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We seek to leverage the successes of mobile money in Africa to improve health financing by develo
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Rural educator certificate (REC) is an online teacher training program that accommodates, engages
Hopemakers is a debt counselling service that offers to refinance high interest loans.
The Dwon Madiki Partnership (DMP) is a partnership between student members of Invisible Conflicts
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PCAF heals emotional wounds of victims of mass violence by training health workers and establishi
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Moon light HCT to meet the HIV/AIDS management needs for highly stigmatized urban poor populati
UBC’s Phone Oximeter will provide an ultra low cost mobile device for the diagnosis and treatment
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One billion people, a sixth of the world’s population, have directly experienced torture, terrorism
We want to create a “next community generation free from HIV/AIDS pandemic”
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it is simply about having poorest populations allover poorest settings worldwide afford daily mea