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WE CARE Solar brings portable solar electric kits to clinics and small hospitals to power lightin
Gas on wheels is an innovative idea aligned for CLEAN COOKSTOVES that will outmodern the delivery
I plan to use this mini recycling pilot start-up as a tool to encourage, entrench and make trendy
Through books, apps & cartoons we tell the story of ‘Detective Dot’, an 8 year old female cod
Poverty, inequality, environmental pollution.
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Clean Energy Innovation for Rural Women has demonstrated the power of utilizing locally available
The reap hydro system is an electricity generating set that runs solely on the kinetic energy of
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In EcoGreen Energy, We seek to promote the use and recognition of organic wastes as a valuable co
Classify24.com is an innovative and slightly modified online classifieds, b2b marketplace and bus
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We gather Non Biodegradable Waste Plastics from dump sites here in Aba, Abia State Nigeria and th
My team and I pick waste but recyclable Plastics and Aluminum containers from Dump sites for supp
Prince Self-Powered Generator is an innovation from Prince Tech.
BBOXX designs, manufactures, distributes and finances innovative plug & play solar systems to
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Independent Power Supply Engine (IPSE) is a self-sustained and self-generated electric power supp
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We are an innovative social enterprise that makes high quality solar power affordable via a modul
To produce highly processed cassava in large tons say 5000 tonnes cutting across three quarters o
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While the debate for global warming persists so does the lack of a clean energy fuel that does no
Atingir uma solução sustentável e viável para o combustível de aviões seria um ponto de virada na
Lograr combustibles económicos y sustentables para la aviación sería un avance importante en la g
Réaliser des combustibles durables et abordables pour l'aviation serait une avancée majeure dans