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Encontrarse en la Diversidad es una propuesta que apunta a encontrarse con uno/a mismo/a a la vez
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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
El desafío es construir espacios de libertad, plenitud y alegría para el tiempo ocupado del educa
Food wastage is a world wide problem and it`s happening even in the university`s Restaurant.
Through books, apps & cartoons we tell the story of ‘Detective Dot’, an 8 year old female cod
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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantif
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken
Ympacto Postivo is a social enterprise that sells water in public places of Buenos Aires, such as
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
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Tengri is a brand built by people unwilling to settle for the status quo.
Walacea is a crowdfunding platform for scientific research.
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The Men's Health Forum now has a long track record of producing tailor-made health information sp
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It is now clear to us that the loss of a twin before birth leaves a profound psychological effect