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Up to 25% of the homeless own pets & most place the needs of their pets ahead of their own.
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The 20,000 Homes Campaign is a national campaign to house 20,000 of Canada's most vulnerable home
COMPASS est la première plateforme du genre à l'échelle internationale qui vise à évaluer et à do
Building self-efficacy and raising hope within individuals and their communities, through the pro
Our solution will mobilize girls and young women to create social change in our community.
To provide a barrier free opportunity to individuls which support their path to a better life thr
We initiated a project to network with health professionals to increase our visibility and help t
Creating Homefulness Society (Woodwynn Farms) is a Therapeutic Community for the homeless.
Counselling youth in an engaging way, helping prevent self destructive behaviors, bullying, subst
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Forest and the Femme is a non profit, outdoor recreation program for marginalized women living wi
Grassroots community drop-in centre opening with zero dollars, using volunteers, donated space, d
Vancouver's ten soccer teams for people affected by homelessness do not have accessible affordabl
Mental health & addiction affected in all direction though most people do not understand unle
The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation provides care to end HIV/AIDS.
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We believe Yoga transforms people’s lives.
Literacy On-Site makes literacy easy: it brings tutoring into social programs where low-literacy
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The Kaleidoscope is a peer-led support group that aids in the recovery of students who are facing
Exploration of a structured and comprehensive model of social collaboration to ensure accessible
The Salvation Army Harbour Light’s Stabilization bridges the gap after detox for clients needing